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Indulge Her with the Gift of Relaxation

Spas are amazing places where women go to not only relax but to be pampered. A day spent at the spa is rejuvenating, invigorating, and restful. However, being pampered with attendants, ambient lighting, soft music, glasses of wine, not to mention the aromatherapy, massages, and various beautification treatments, can seriously break the bank. Still, that [...]

Elva Hsiao Recovers from Dog Bite Laceration on Her Face

Elva Hsiao on Instagram Stories Media outlets reported last month that Taiwanese star Elva Hsiao was in the hospital after her pet dog bit her on the face. Her wound was said to have been deep enough to merit stitches, requiring Elva to be confined in hospital for at least two months before she was discharged. Since leaving the [...]

R1SE’s Ren Hao Receives Flak for His Comments on the Fukushima Wastewaters Problem

Laying low after his dating controversy last year, R1SE member Ren Hao is back in the spotlight as he slides to the top of the trending list yesterday after suggesting China help Japan deal with their wastewater problem from the Fukushima plant instead of dumping it into the ocean. After the singer’s post went viral, the post was abruptly deleted [...]

Seo Ye Ji Criticized for Being a Controlling Girlfriend

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay actress, Seo Ye Ji, landed in hot water after South Korea media Dispatched exposed her manipulative behaviors towards actor and boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun and forbidding him to film intimate scenes. When Kim Jung Hyun was filming 2018’s drama Time alongside Seohyun, the actor went through great lengths to satisfy Ye Ji’s demands and his actions negatively affected the drama’s [...]

Samantha Ko is in Hot Demand in China

In TVB for over 12 years, Samantha Ko (高海寧) appeared in four dramas last year but has yet to win Best Actress.  However, her attention-grabbing role in Nothing But Thirty <三十而已> made Samantha an overnight sensation in China, and the 34-year-old has received endless jobs. Besides endorsing sponsorships and attending various variety programs, Samantha starred in her first Mainland movie, Tan [...]

Hu Ge Believes He Already Reached the Pinnacle

Although Hu Ge (胡歌) is one of the top earning actors in China, the 38-year-old recently admitted that he is reaching his career pinnacle, and will be focusing more of his time on charity work instead. Becoming an overnight sensation after 2005’s Chinese Paladin <仙剑奇侠传>, Hu Ge took a temporary hiatus in 2006 after a serious car accident that rendered [...]

Kathy Yuen Practices Advanced Yoga During Pregnancy

Always passionate about exercise, Kathy Yuen (湯怡) continues to practice yoga to help stretch her muscles during pregnancy. She recently shared a photo on social media of herself in a forearm handstand, which is an advanced pose in yoga, despite being in her fifth month of pregnancy. Wearing a sports bra which accentuated her growing belly, Kathy’s [...]

Joey Law Suffers Injury on Set of ”Return of the Cuckoo 2021”

Touted as one of TVB’s newly promoted Millennial Five Tigers, Joey Law (羅天宇) is currently filming for the new reboot of Return of the Cuckoo <十月初五的月光>.  While filming a car accident scene, he positioned himself incorrectly after the supposed collision, and suffered injuries to his head and neck. Admitting to having little experience in filming action scenes, Joey did not [...]

Actress Explains How She Avoided The Edison Chen 2008 Scandal

People are often remembered for what they did, not what they didn’t do. While most want to be remembered for the good they’ve done, people often find it easier to recall the bad. In 2008, photos of 40-year-old actor Edison Chen (陳冠希) in bed with several well known female stars were leaked. Almost 13 years [...]

Pfizer begins early-stage study of oral Covid-19 drug

The Pfizer candidate is a protease inhibitor that prevents the virus from replicating in cells.Reuters Pfizer has started an early-stage US trial of an oral Covid-19 antiviral therapy that could be prescribed to patients at the first sign of infection, the company said on Tuesday (March 23). The drugmaker, which developed the first authorised Covid-19 vaccine [...]