Esther Yu Shuxin Apologises for Fans’ Behaviour

Just another day in Chinese entertainment as another celebrity in the form of THE9’s Esther Yu Shuxin is forced to apologise for the behaviour of some of her fans online. We all know how fans can get fiercely protective of their idols, but Esther’s fans took things a little too far today when they badgered a well known university [...]

Zhang Ziyi Criticized for Lacking “Youthful” Feel

Viewers are unconvinced about her portrayal of a 15-year-old in new drama “Monarch Industry”.   Monarch Industry <上陽賦>, the first costume drama which Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) filmed three years ago, finally premiered on January 9. The supporting cast consisting of Zhou Yiwei (周一圍), Yu Hewei (于和偉), Kara Hui (惠英紅) and other veterans undoubtedly pushed up anticipation for the drama. In less than a day, Monarch Industry climbed [...]

Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat Adorably Exchange Gifts

Filming for their upcoming drama series You Are My Glory <你是我的荣耀> has already completed, yet they’re still overloading us with cuteness! To commemorate the end of filming, Yang Yang (杨样) and Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) filmed a short clip of them exchanging gifts to celebrate the beginning of an end. They referred to each other as their characters in the clip.  The gifts [...]

Huang Xiaoming Steps Down as Sisters Who Make Waves 2 Host

After the concept of having 30 aged over 30 female celebrities competing on a survival show proved to be a success last year, Sisters Who Make Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐2 is back for a second season with Huang Xiaoming returning as the host. However, the news that Huang Xiaoming’s ex-girlfriend Li Fei’er is one of the contestants drew attention instead and revived [...]

Angelababy Denies Being a Third Party in Huang Xiaoming’s Relationship with Ex Li Feier and Says: “He Told Me He was Single”

Ten years after rumours of an Angelababy – Huang Xiaoming – Li Feier love triangle had everyone on pins and needles, sightings of show host Huang Xiaoming and his ex (a contestant) interacting on the same stage in survival show Sisters Who Make Waves 2 seems to have resurrected the old rumour that the actress was the third party who caused the [...]

These Eight Artistes Have Strange Hygiene Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong, and as people learn how to cope with their new lifestyles, they are also encouraged to practice safe and frequent hygiene habits. Wearing face masks, alcohol wipes, frequent hand washing with soap and water, encourage physical distancing, etc., are just the basics of it all. If people [...]

Yu Zheng Praises Song Weilong; Slams Netizens’ Critique

Nicknamed “golden producer,” famed Chinese producer Yu Zheng (于正) has always been a straight talker fearless of netizen attacks, and would often lash back at them online. Recently, he slammed yet another netizen over the latter’s criticism of actor Song Weilong (宋威龍). Praises Song Weilong’s Performance Recently, 21-year-old Song Weilong garnered much attention as the male lead of well-received drama Go [...]

Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan Replicate Kiss from Love and Redemption on Livestream

Love and Redemption might be one of dramaland’s new-ish kids on the block, but that’s not stopping the show’s main couple, Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan from stealing viewer’s hearts with their sweet feels. The pair has done a brilliant job so far and their chemistry is spot on. Speaking of chemistry, Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan dialled up [...]

Esther Yu Gets a Laugh at Her Heavily-Filtered Look

  In a throwback to the good old days when everyone was pretty heavy handed in their use of Instagram filters *raises hand*, THE9’s Esther Yu Shuxin shared a funny screen capture of a heavily filtered recording of herself versus the original unretouched look. She had shot a promotional video for Dragon TV’s Suning 818 Super Show tonight where [...]

Chinese Man Makes Outrageous Marriage Proposal To Fan Bingbing With RM12 Mil

Although Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Li Chen (李晨) have officially split over a year, the famous actress is still pretty hot commodity. Case in point: she’s still getting marriage proposals from men. Recently, a video of a middle-aged man proposing to the 39-year-old beauty went viral online. Source: Google Images The man was seen passionately declaring his love for [...]