Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden Kuo Celebrate Baby Daughter’s 100th Day

It appears congratulations are in order for new parents Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden Kuo who just threw a party to celebrate the 100th day of their daughter Cora in Taipei the other day. Aside from the lovely photos of Cora with her doting parents and grandparents, fans also got the unexpected treat of finding out Cora’s real name Xiang Zhi (向芷) [...]

Ethan Ruan On Estranged Relationship With Father: “ I Never Want To Be Like Him”

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan (阮經天) has had an award-winning film and television career, but despite winning the screens, he has won little in his private life. The 38-year-old rarely talks about his private life, because to him, there really is nothing much to talk about. But in a recent episode of Chinese talk show Nian Nian Tao Hua [...]

Barbie Hsu’s Mother-in-Law Zhang Lan Addresses Jail Sentence and Tears Up on Livestream

Barbie Hsu’s mother-in-law Zhang Lan is a businesswoman and the founder of South Beauty, an established food services brand in China. However, she has run into her fair share of legal woes in recent years. In 2015, she was issued an asset injunction order and required to disclose all her assets with a single value of more than [...]

Show Lo pays tribute to British ‘granny’ fan who died from Covid-19

Instagram/wendywokou, Screengrab from Instagram/showlo Say what you will about how Show Lo treated his ex-girlfriend, but don't let it be said that the Taiwanese singer doesn't appreciate his fans. In a series of Instagram Stories yesterday (Jan 4), the 41-year-old paid tribute to a British fan, Judith. The elderly woman went by the moniker "British granny" and was a huge [...]

These Eight Artistes Have Strange Hygiene Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong, and as people learn how to cope with their new lifestyles, they are also encouraged to practice safe and frequent hygiene habits. Wearing face masks, alcohol wipes, frequent hand washing with soap and water, encourage physical distancing, etc., are just the basics of it all. If people [...]

Jiro Wang and Puff Kuo Star in “Falling Into You”

Jiro Wang (汪東城) and Puff Kuo (郭雪芙) partner up for the first time in Taiwanese drama, Falling Into You <因為我喜歡你>, which will be airing on GTV soon. In the drama, Puff will be playing a cold and aloof Taekwondo expert against Jiro’s domineering CEO character. Because of an incident in his childhood, Jiro has a fear of blood and was [...]

Chiling Lin Practices Pregnancy Superstitions

Currently living in Japan, 45-year-old Chiling Lin (林志玲), who has cut down on public appearances since her marriage to EXILE member Akira, shared that she now feels a lot more secure and at peace post-marriage, and enjoys discovering her husband’s “adorable” side, such as being a happy audience to his dance practice at home. Returning to Taiwan in [...]

Taiwanese host Luo Pei-ying found dead at home, body discovered only after two days

The Chinese entertainment scene is reeling from shock after the body of Taiwanese veteran TV host Luo Pei-ying was discovered last night (Aug 3). According to media reports, Pei-ying had been uncontactable over the last few days and a friend went to her home at 9pm — only to find the 59-year-old unresponsive and slumped [...]

Taiwanese singer Rachel Liang divorces husband allegedly due to infidelity

Taiwanese singer Rachel Liang yesterday (July 13) confirmed through her agency that she is divorcing her husband of four years, Amos Zhang. The two had met while participating in church activities. Things seemed to be great for the couple as recent as three months ago, when Zhang posted on Instagram a loving message for Rachel on her [...]

Netizens Are Upset that Nana Ouyang is Showing Off Her New Car

  20-year-old Taiwanese musician-actress Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜) recently signed with Sony Music Taiwan, the same label that also houses Karen Mok (莫文蔚), G.E.M. Tang (鄧紫棋), Jay Chou (周杰倫), and Eric Chou (周興哲). Last month, Nana dropped her first single “The Best For You”, officially debuting as a singer. Nana not only comes from a wealthy family, but she herself is also a money-making powerhouse. It isn’t a [...]