Joe Chen to Get Married?

Taking part in Chinese reality show Meeting Mr. Right 2 <女兒們的戀愛2>, sparks flew between 42-year-old Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) and Malaysian rich second generation Alan Chen (曾偉昌), and the two became a real-life couple. The show’s director even revealed that the couple will be tying the knot soon, raising further speculation! High Profile Dating for Two Years Labelled as a golden bachelorette, [...]

Elva Hsiao Recovers from Dog Bite Laceration on Her Face

Elva Hsiao on Instagram Stories Media outlets reported last month that Taiwanese star Elva Hsiao was in the hospital after her pet dog bit her on the face. Her wound was said to have been deep enough to merit stitches, requiring Elva to be confined in hospital for at least two months before she was discharged. Since leaving the [...]

Joe Chen and Boyfriend Alan Chen Celebrate Her 42nd Birthday Together

Happy Birthday Joe! It’s another year around the sun for Taiwanese actress Joe Chen as she celebrated her 42nd birthday on April 4! Unlike last year when the onslaught of the pandemic forced the couple to be on LDR for the duration of the quarantine lockdowns, Joe and her Malaysian beau Alan Chen are celebrating her birthday together this year [...]

Jacky Wu Opens Up About the Rumoured Rift Between Him and Jay Chou

For years, the falling out between Jay Chou and his mentor seasoned TV host Jacky Wu has always been a hotly discussed topic amongst entertainment followers. When the Taiwanese Mandopop king married the love of his life Hannah Quinlivan in 2015, Jacky was noticeably absent on the guest list, leading many to continue speculations that the two have had a falling out. [...]

Huang Ming-an, Taiwanese actor, dead at 42

Huang Ming-an (黃民安), an actor and the head of the dance troupe Representation Theatre, died at the age of 42 on Saturday (March 13). In addition to his position at the theater, Huang appeared in many TV shows and films in Taiwan. The cause of death was a cardiogenic shock, according to CNA. Between performances at the [...]

Annie Yi Gives an Inside Look at Her Shanghai Home with Hubby Qin Hao

Taiwanese actress Annie Yi married Chinese actor Qin Hao who is ten years her junior in 2015 and gave birth to their baby girl in 2016 at the age of 48. Now that she has turned 53, Annie shares that last year was an extraordinary year for her and her family. Harrison Yu, her teenage son from her previous [...]

Taiwanese-American praised for stellar performance in latest Justin Bieber MV

Ko plays the love interest of Bieber in the latest single "Hold On" music video. (Screengrab from YouTube) Justin Bieber’s latest single, “Hold On,” debuted on March 5 to great acclaim. Much of the praise was directed to the touching storyline behind the music video and the acting skills of Taiwanese-American actress Christine Ko (葛曉潔).   Amid [...]

Patty Hou’s Appearance on Reality Show Dredges Up Her Mum’s Past Relations With Married Men

Honest conversations on reality show My Dearest Ladies 婆婆和妈妈 which is all about familial relationships should have been what TV gold is made of. However, instead of raking in the ratings, Taiwanese host and former TV anchor Patty Hou and her mum Lin Yueyun’s tearful heart-to-heart put the two in the hot seat as their conversation brought attention to [...]

Taiwan model won’t apologise to Show Lo over sexual harassment claims

Show Lo and Lu Ya-hsi.Instagram/showlo and Instagram/pinkcat032 Taiwanese model Lu Ya-hsi  said on Sunday (March 7) that she won’t apologise to Show Lo who reportedly sued her for defamation. Speaking in a charity event, she said: “This conversation was real. There was really a person who called himself Show Lo on WeChat texting me. I didn’t fake [...]

Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden Kuo Celebrate Baby Daughter’s 100th Day

It appears congratulations are in order for new parents Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden Kuo who just threw a party to celebrate the 100th day of their daughter Cora in Taipei the other day. Aside from the lovely photos of Cora with her doting parents and grandparents, fans also got the unexpected treat of finding out Cora’s real name Xiang Zhi (向芷) [...]