Wang Leehom Surprises with “New Look” for His Vaccine Selfie

Leehom getting his first dose last month Jumping into the vaccine selfie bandwagon, Taiwanese American Wang Leehom shared a photo of himself getting his second jab in the US. “Fully vaxxed” he captioned. While it’s fairly common to feel some of the vaccine’s possible side effects after the second dose, it appears the singer-actor is feeling none [...]

Ouyang Nana’s Announcement as Chaumet’s Newest Ambassador Marred by Controversy

Taiwanese musician actress Ouyang Nana adds another feather to her cap after French jewellery brand Chaumet declares her as the brand’s newest ambassador. However, this new development is not without some controversy, particularly how the announcement mysteriously disappeared from the brand’s official Facebook page following its less than favourable reception amongst Taiwanese Netizens over her appointment. Wearing a royal [...]

Stephy Tang Speaks Up for Ex BF Prince Chiu: He’s a Very Good Man

Prince Chiu (Wang Zi) has shot down the reports in the media that the reason for his breakup with Stephy Tang was because he loves the nightlife. On July 5, he wrote on Instagram, “Baseless reports, feel very helpless, but good thing the people around me know my personality for the past decade.「A wise man does not [...]

Elva Hsiao and Her Younger Boyfriend Call it Quits After Four Years

Elva Hsiao and now ex boyfriend Justin in happier times Elva Hsiao confirmed the split with her now ex-boyfriend Justin Huang Hao through a post on Instagram earlier this morning. “Done. Both sides see things differently. Both sides have their own ideas. The woman has her own dreams, the man also has his own ideas” writes Elva. Accompanying [...]

Stephy Tang and Prince Chiu Announce Breakup After Three Years of Dating

Hong Kong singer-actress Stephy Tang 鄧麗欣 and Taiwanese singer-actor Prince Chiu (Wang Zi) 邱勝翊 first made their relationship public in 2018. The two are known for being in a jiedilian (姐弟恋) because Stephy who’s 37 is six years older than Prince Chiu. While the long-distance couple were not able to see each other often due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephy [...]

Taiwanese Actor Kai Ko Responds to Critics Admonishing His Intention to Get Vaccinated in the US

Kai Ko is once again in the hot seat after critics questioned whether his family flew to the United States to take advantage of “vaccine tourism.” With the recent outbreak in Taiwan, there’s been a surge in people flying overseas to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Taking to social media to address the issue live, he emphasised [...]

Shu Qi says husband Stephen Fung ‘not handsome enough’

Fans of Taiwanese actress Shu Qi may have many theories why she married actor-director Stephen Fung almost 20 years after they first met, but "he is not handsome" is unlikely to be one of them. The Taiwanese actress, whose real name is Lin Li-hui, was recently asked on Chinese variety the show, 50km Taohuawu, why [...]

Is that an Engagement Ring on Joe Chen’s Finger?

In her latest Instagram update for the solar term xiaoman, Joe Chen posted a short clip of herself and the caption, “Joe sees tenderness in everything, little happiness is always there. #xiaoman” Many noticed that Joe appears to be wearing a diamond ring on her left hand and asked if she’s engaged. Furthermore, Joe actually posted a photo [...]

Darren Wang Talu Spotted Kissing Joey Chua on the Street

Darren Talu Wang and Joey Chua may have just publicly given away their relationship after being spotted by paparazzi kissing on the street while on a night out on the town. Media reports show the pair were acting super affectionately towards each other after taking a post-dinner stroll. Sharing a bottle of wine between them, the pair were laughing, [...]

Joe Chen to Get Married?

Taking part in Chinese reality show Meeting Mr. Right 2 <女兒們的戀愛2>, sparks flew between 42-year-old Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) and Malaysian rich second generation Alan Chen (曾偉昌), and the two became a real-life couple. The show’s director even revealed that the couple will be tying the knot soon, raising further speculation! High Profile Dating for Two Years Labelled as a golden bachelorette, [...]