Got promoted at work? Here are 4 tips for managing your colleagues

While a promotion at work is good cause for celebration, there’s no denying that going from co-worker to superior also translates to a change in relationship dynamics with your colleagues Want to gain their support and succeed in your new managerial role as best you can? See Ching-Feng, a principal consultant at career guidance [...]

Looking for unique decor? 3 affordable places to buy original artwork

Many interior designers will tell you to stay away from reprints and reproductions of famous paintings if you want to spruce up your home with art. However, that feedback often comes with the assumption that homeowners can afford original art in the first place. With news of famous original paintings selling at auctions for millions [...]

Subtle, exotic fragrances you can wear every day

When a fragrance is described as being exotic or oriental, you’d think of intensely warm, musky and spicy scents that make a big impact. Bold, or gourmand, notes such as jasmine, amber, musk, patchouli and oud are frequently used. However, some perfumers have begun to rethink this no-holds-barred, even flashy, approach. They’re rendering this very [...]

A Beginner’s Guide: Work on Your Fitness from Home

Fitness is a crucial component for finding long-term happiness. Staying active and healthy contributes powerfully to the overall mental wellbeing that we all require in our daily lives for stability, happiness, and positivity. It’s no wonder then why so many people took up yoga, dumbbells, and other home workout solutions during the coronavirus pandemic. Starting off [...]