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‘Jho Low 2’: Malaysia says Tedy Teow has fled to Thailand after $110m Macau scam

Scores of Chinese nationals demonstrate outside their embassy in Malaysia in 2019 claiming they lost their life savings to Teow’s MBI group.Facebook/Irene Andy An enigmatic Malaysian businessman with links to the rich and famous disappears, apparently fleeing the country and leaving in his wake hundreds of millions of missing ringgit, a string of angry investors [...]

Quiet falls over Malaysia, with residents in lockdown after last night of travel and dining out

Deserted roads in Kuala Lumpur on the first day of the country’s latest lockdown The streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city, were empty on Wednesday (Jan 13) morning – a far cry from the previous night’s hubbub as people scrambled to make preparations for a two-week lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19. Roads were packed before [...]

Singapore will review Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine carefully before possible roll-out: Health Minister

The Sinovac vaccine was just 50.4 per cent effective at preventing symptomatic infections.   A coronavirus vaccine developed by China's Sinovac Biotech will have to go through regulatory scrutiny and authorisation by Singapore's Health Sciences Authority (HSA) before it can be rolled out to the public, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said on Wednesday (Jan 13). This [...]

Flight Attendant & Fashion Designer Couple Sell Prawn Fritters After Covid-19 Disrupted Jobs

Before Covid-19 brought travelling to a stop, Amos Ananda Yeo led a jet-setter’s lifestyle. A fashion designer by profession, he regularly shuttled between his native Singapore, Korea, Japan and Vietnam for his eponymous streetwear label Amos Ananda. But for the past four years, he has been based mainly in Shenzhen, China, where he runs [...]

KFC’s New Zero Chicken Burger Isn’t Vegan Or Vegetarian-Friendly — Here’s Why

KFC, the longtime purveyor of fried chicken, is going meatless with its new KFC Zero Chicken Burger. While it’s a chix burger in name, the item has a meat-free mycoprotein (a form of protein derived from fermented fungus) fried ‘chicken’ patty. The mock chook, although vegan, is also still made with KFC’s proprietary 11 herbs [...]

Qu Chuxiao Files Lawsuit as Domestic Violence Allegations Continue to Dog Him

* Please be advised that this post may contain triggering or sensitive material pertaining to assault and physical abuse. Last December, a woman claiming to be Qu Chuxiao‘s ex called him out to accuse him of domestic violence and for making her miscarry. The woman in question accompanied her claim with a photograph of her black eye. Except [...]

Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden Kuo Celebrate Baby Daughter’s 100th Day

It appears congratulations are in order for new parents Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden Kuo who just threw a party to celebrate the 100th day of their daughter Cora in Taipei the other day. Aside from the lovely photos of Cora with her doting parents and grandparents, fans also got the unexpected treat of finding out Cora’s real name Xiang Zhi (向芷) [...]

Esther Yu Shuxin Apologises for Fans’ Behaviour

Just another day in Chinese entertainment as another celebrity in the form of THE9’s Esther Yu Shuxin is forced to apologise for the behaviour of some of her fans online. We all know how fans can get fiercely protective of their idols, but Esther’s fans took things a little too far today when they badgered a well known university [...]

The truth about your WhatsApp data

WhatsApp’s policies changed to reflect the possibility of commercial transactions involving the mingling of activity among Facebook apps.   There was a backlash to WhatsApp in recent days after it posted what appear to be overhauled privacy policies. Let me try to clarify what happened. Some people think the messaging app will now force those using it [...]

China reports most new Covid-19 cases in more than 10 months

Staff wear personal protection suits at a registration site for passengers at a train station following the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei province, China on Jan 13, 2021. China reported its biggest daily jump in new Covid-19 cases in more than 10 months as infections in northeastern Heilongjiang province nearly tripled, underscoring the growing threat ahead [...]