K-drama Taxi Driver: Styled like Ryan Gosling in Drive, Lee Je-hoon plays a vengeful cabbie

Lee Je-hoon stars as a driver for the Rainbow Taxi Company in Taxi Driver, a slick action-thriller Korean drama series that takes its stylistic references from Ryan Gosling-led noir crime thriller Drive.SBS This article contains spoilers. A new hot rod has pulled into the K-drama broadcast schedule. Based on the webcomic The Deluxe Taxi (the Korean name [...]

“Sisters Who Make Waves 2” Debuts New Girl Group “X-Sister”

The season finale for Sisters Who Make Waves 2 was held in Changsha on April 16, 2021 thus marking the end of the search for the seven female celebrities over age 30 who will debut as a new girl group. Front and center in 1st place is established singer Na Ying who is the oldest contestant on the show [...]

Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu are Inseparable Travel Buddies in Netflix Variety Show Twogether

Need a break from watching dramas? Want to travel during these impossible times? Fret not when we have a new fun travel variety show called TWogether to look forward to! Netflix made it possible to have Korean actor and reality show expert Lee Seung Gi (Busted! Season 2) and Taiwanese actor and reality show newbie Jasper Liu (Triad Princess) become instant brothers [...]

Zhang Zhehan and Simon Gong in BL Drama “Faraway Wanderers”

The success of past Boys Love (BL) dramas, such as The Untamed <陈情令> and Guardian <镇魂>, has prompted the rise of more drama adaptations of BL novels. The latest upcoming historical BL dramas include Immortality <皓衣行> and Faraway Wanderers <天涯客>. The latter stars popular Mainland Chinese actors Zhang Zhehan (张哲瀚) and Simon Gong (龚俊). Although fans of the novel initially disapproved of the casting choices, the [...]

8 Disappointing Chinese Dramas Aired in the First Half of 2020

While some of the Mainland Chinese dramas aired this year found success and propelled many of their leads into stardom, other dramas have failed to live up to expectations. Slow and boring storylines, lack of character development, weak and anticlimactic endings, and poor chemistry between actors have all contributed to poor ratings. Below are [...]

Live-Action Mulan to See Sequel?

Disney’s highly anticipated live-action movie Mulan <花木蘭> was originally slated for a March 26 release, but it has been postponed to July 24 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the movie has yet to premiere, rumors have been swirling that Mulan will have a sequel. According to industry insider Daniel Richtman, the rumors are true, and the sequel is already [...]

Netflix Thriller “The Victim’s Game” Spooks Cast With Fake Corpses

Netflix Originals upcoming Taiwanese TV series The Victim’s Game <誰是被害者> is the latest crime drama seeking to send chills down viewers’ spines. The mystery show, which stars Joseph Chang (張孝全), Tiffany Hsu (許瑋甯), and Jason Wang (王識賢), is set to premiere on Netflix on April 30. The Victim’s Game follows the story of a forensic detective Fang Yi-jen, played by Joseph, with Asperger’s syndrome [...]

TVB Psych Drama “Brutally Young” Premieres April 20th

TVB has confirmed that it will be premiering Brutally Young <十八年後的終極告白>, a psychological mystery drama about an 18-year-old cold case, on April 20, 2020. Starring Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), Joel Chan (陳山聰), Mandy Wong (huangzhiw), Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠), and Dominic Lam (林嘉華), Brutally Young starts its story with a group of high school teenagers from the outskirts of Hong Kong, celebrating score release day. Their celebrations are cut short when [...]

Yu Zheng Has a History of Copying TVB Dramas

Chinese television producer Yu Zheng (于正) has produced some of China’s most popular television dramas. Some of the country’s most expensive actors, including Yang Mi (楊冪), Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎), and Chen Xiao (陳曉), have all found overnight fame after starring in his productions. But despite having such power in the television industry, Yu Zheng doesn’t exactly have the most positive image. Since as [...]

Wu Chun’s House Looks Like It Came From An Idol Drama

Following one of the most surprising revelations in the entertainment industry recently, Wu Chun (Martial Universe) surprised us once again when his house in Brunei was shown in the currently airing Chinese reality show, Before Wedding. From this aerial shot, it can be seen that Wu Chun has a courtyard that is larger than his one-story house with a swimming [...]