Andy Hui caught cheating on wife Sammi Cheng

Andy Hui caught cheating on wife Sammi Cheng

Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng have been in love for the last 28 years, they got married and have been enjoying a peaceful love life since 2013.

In a 16-minute long video which was leaked yesterday, Andy Hui and actress Jacqueline Huang were seen kissing and embracing in a car.

Sammi‘s fans were so angry when they found out about the situation.

Andy Hui attended a press conference at 7pm today. He cried and confessed to the public, “I was wrong, my behavior was unforgivable. I drunk too much wine that night. But that’s not an excuse, I ashamed of myself. I‘m a disgusting man, I will stop all my work and reflect on my mistake. I apologize again to Sammi, Sammi‘s family and all the people who love me”.

Then he wrote on his blog, “It was an unforgivable mistake, I cannot forgive myself either. I will deeply reflect with the most sincere attitude. I really did wrong. I’m so sorry!”


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