Jacqueline Wong apologises for cheating on Kenneth Ma with Andy Hui; doesn’t mention Sammi Cheng

Jacqueline Wong apologises for cheating on Kenneth Ma with Andy Hui; doesn’t mention Sammi Cheng

PHOTO: Instagram/Jacqueline Wong


A day after she was caught cheating with Andy Hui, Jacqueline Wong said she “has made a great mistake and is full of regret”.

She is “sorry to her family, company, and boyfriend Kenneth Ma for implicating them in the incident,” the actress wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday (April 17).

Meanwhile, Kenneth, 45, said that he’s OK and asked fans not to worry about him.

TVB executive Virginia Lok revealed that the actor wanted to continue filming The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0 and said that the crew need not make allowances for him.



The TVB actors have been dating for the past two years after sparks flew between them on the set of 2016 drama Inspector Gourmet.

Despite a 21-year age gap, their relationship appeared to be progressing well. The pair even revealed in an interview last year that they’ve met each other’s parents and marriage was on the cards.

Hours after her infidelity was exposed, the actress kept mum on the incident — and she disabled comments on her Instagram account.

But that didn’t stop angry fans from flooding her sister Scarlett Wong’s Instagram posts with negative comments.


Jacqueline Wong and Andy Hui
Photo: Instagram/Jacqueline Wong


Jacqueline may have been two-timing her boyfriend for a while, as her make-out session with Andy in the car is reportedly not a one-off affair. She’s rumoured to have been seeing Andy in secret for two years.

And this is not the first time the Miss Hong Kong 2012 first runner-up has been linked with older, married men.

In 2014, there were speculations that the actress was the cause of co-star Lawrence Ng’s split from his second wife. Both parties refuted the rumour.

Relationship troubles aside, it looks that Jacqueline’s acting career may be in jeopardy.

TVB has asked her to take a break from work, Apple Daily reported. Her new drama The Offliners, which is slated to be aired on May 13, may also be shelved.

Our guess is that wedding bells won’t be ringing anytime soon for this couple.



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