Kenneth Ma defends girlfriend Jacqueline Wong: ‘She knows she did wrong’

Kenneth Ma defends girlfriend Jacqueline Wong: ‘She knows she did wrong’

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Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma has gallantly defended girlfriend Jacqueline Wong, after she got caught getting intimate with Sammi Cheng’s husband Andy Hui in the backseat of a car.

He told reporters who staked out Hong Kong broadcaster TVB on Wednesday (April 17) for an interview: “She (Jacqueline) knows she did wrong. Thank you all for your concern.

“She actually wants to speak to the media as well, but the company is worried that she may say the wrong thing as she’s very emotional right now.”

He added that she’s “very young” and requested for the media to give her space.

Kenneth and the 30-year-old fellow TVB actress have reportedly been dating for at least three years.

Admirably, the 45-year-old actor appeared to take the high road, maintaining a calm demeanour and smiling during the Q&A session.

Kenneth shared that after he knew of the scandal, he calmed down fairly quickly, and his anger turned to worry instead as he didn’t want people to get hurt.

He also asked fans not to worry about him, stating: “I’ll be focused on my work, I don’t want this to affect the progress of the shoot.”

The actor is currently busy filming for the upcoming serial, The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0.

“I know Andy has already said some things, I won’t give my opinion because I don’t think anyone in this world can comment, except for his wife,” said Kenneth.

He added: “I’m good, there are still many things we have to face in the future.” But the actor did implore the media to stop “frightening” his family, explaining that his mum may have said some things “under duress”.

Reporters had accosted Kenneth’s mum near her home on Tuesday (April 16), questioning her about the scandal, to which she innocently replied: “Are they (Andy and Jacqueline) filming?”

She shared that she’d seen Jacqueline “three or four times”, when they went out for meals. On her impression of her son’s girlfriend, she responded: “Average, I don’t like her very much, but don’t dislike her either.”

Kenneth has not addressed if he’s still together with Jacqueline, but we can’t help wonder if it’s all ‘Thank U, Next’, with this relationship.

Or, he could just be a really, really good boyfriend.


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