Andy Hui apologises for cheating on Sammi Cheng, calls himself ‘a damaged person’

Andy Hui apologises for cheating on Sammi Cheng, calls himself ‘a damaged person’

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Andy Hui has spoken — he’s sorry for causing embarrassment and pain to his loved ones.

The singer-actor admitted that he cheated on his popstar wife Sammi Cheng in a press conference held on Tuesday evening (April 16).

“I’m a damaged person,” the 51-year-old said while choking on his tears.

“I want to apologise to Sammi, her family, and those who love her.”

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Viral footage had emerged earlier today of Andy cosying up in the back seat of a vehicle with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong, 30.

He revealed during the press conference that he had a lot to drink that evening, when they celebrated a friend’s birthday, but confessed that “it’s no excuse for my behaviour”.

“After reading the news reports, I felt disgusted with myself.

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“From now on, I will be stopping all work commitments until I find my true self.

“I do not know how to move on from here.

“I hope to be given time to re-examine myself.”

Andy bowed deeply before and after his statement, but did not take questions from the media.

After the event, Andy wrote on Instagram: “I have done something unforgivable, I dare not ask for forgiveness.

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這是一件不可能被原諒的錯事,我不敢奢求原諒,因為我也沒有辦法可以原諒我自己。我只可以深切反省,並以最誠懇的態度,去為所有因爲這次事件而受影響的人,去說一聲,我真的做錯了,難辭其咎,對不起! 我沒有任何籍口,犯下了如此嚴重的行為,令到我的家人、朋友及所有愛我的人徹底失望,我感到非常遺憾和歉咎。我亦願意承擔由這次事件所引起的一切後果和責任。 最後作為一個丈夫,我要向Sammi說對不起,這是一個徹頭徹尾的錯誤,我感到慚愧及痛心。請大家給予時間和空間我去學習怎樣去改過及重新去做一個人。

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“I am very sorry for completely disappointing my family, friends and fans.

“I’m willing to bear responsibility and all consequences of my actions.

“As a husband, I want to apologise to Sammi. It is a complete mistake, I feel ashamed and pained by what I did.”

The dashcam clip shows Andy and Jacqueline travelling home with an unnamed male friend.


Right after their friend got out of the car, Andy and Jacqueline clasped their hands together and told the driver their next destination: her home.

The actress is later seen taking off her mask and leaning over to kiss and hug Andy throughout the rest of the journey.

To add to the controversy, this is a case of double cheating — the actress has been dating fellow TVB actor Kenneth Ma with marriage in mind since 2017.

Married for five years, Andy and Sammi have mostly kept a low profile on their relationship.

Before they tied the knot, the pair had been dating on and off since 1991, when they recorded the duet Actually Do You Have Me In Your Heart together.


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