Sulli’s Final Heartwrenching Note on IG Thanked People For Giving Her The Courage to Live

Sulli’s Final Heartwrenching Note on IG Thanked People For Giving Her The Courage to Live

The death of young South Korean pop star Sulli continues to send shockwaves throughout the world, given her tender age and the sheer amount of bullying she had to endure, despite being a celebrity. The pop star was discovered dead in her apartment on 14th October 2019. She was only 25-years-old.

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While her death may have been a surprise to many, it has been speculated that Sulli had been silently pleading for help as far back as in 2018, with many saying that the pop star suffered from a deep depression as a result of the gossip and bullying that surrounded her. According to Malay Mail, Sulli had said that she felt ‘very tired’ but nobody would listen to her, during a taping of the programme Truth Store last year.

“It seems like I am left alone in this world,” she said, and added that “I tried to protect myself but nobody would hear me.”

Given her more liberated approach to life, Sulli became an easy target for cyberbullies online who did not approve of her lifestyle choices, especially in her choice of clothing as she often went bra-less, saying that she ‘hated the wires’.

This is on top of the fact that a handwritten note she posted on Instagram in 5th September 2019 seemed to indicate that Sulli had been trying to overcome her emotional and mental struggles with the help of her friends and loved ones, according to Sin Chew Daily. The letter reads:


Source: Malay Mail

“Today is the 14th year I debuted in the entertainment industry. I was too preoccupied with living my life and nearly forgot how long I am in the industry. But thanks to people who wish me well, I am reminded.”

“Every moment, I am assisted by people to continue living. Due to their blessings, I have the courage to continue living and led me to feel that life is not only to be spent alone. I want to be someone who gives warmth to others and I want to thank everybody.”

Police have also found other handwritten memos written by the late-pop star at the scene of her death and are investigating further into the incident.

We extend our deepest condolences to Sulli’s family, and wish to remind our readers that if you ever suffer from mental health issues, please speak out to someone you trust or seek help from a professional. Suicide is not the only way out. 

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