What It Looks Like When “Joker” Movie Gets A K-Drama Twist

What It Looks Like When “Joker” Movie Gets A K-Drama Twist

In case if you’ve missed it, the movie “Joker” has been released in theatres worldwide.

If you’ve already watched the psychological thriller, you’ll remember this scene of Joaquin Phoenix’s character Joker a.k.a Arthur Fleck with his love interest Sophie Dumond (played by Zazie Beetz).

We’ll won’t drop any spoilers here. Instead, we wanted to shift your focus on this video by Andy Make Things called “If Joker Was A K-Drama”. It’s a 42-second clip depicted the same exact scene, but with an interesting twist.

The kissing scene between Joker and Sophie was edited exactly the same like almost every ending in a Korean drama – making use of effects such as the ending shot and also transition of the scenes.

To add in the mood, the song “Stay With Me” that was used as the main soundtrack for the popular Tv drama “Goblin” was also used in the video. Check out the full clip here:

Hats off to Andy Makes Things for his creative hands!


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