Social Media Influencer Azfar Firdaus Calls Out Former Bully On Live TV

Social Media Influencer Azfar Firdaus Calls Out Former Bully On Live TV

Famous celebrities aren’t the only ones having to deal with body-shaming comments online, even real people have to face netizens’ harsh words about their appearance as well.

Recently, in an interview with “Malaysia Hari Ini”, social media influencer Azfar Firdaus (known online as @Azfarovski) took the opportunity to give his two cents on the ongoing topic about cyber-bullying and also body-shaming.

Source: TV3

Azfar, along with 2 other guests – fellow influencer Shazwan Zafran (@IbnuShazwan) and actress-comedian Zulin Aziz – were invited to the local talk show to discuss about the issue called “Body-shaming Tak Kelakar (Body-shaming is not funny)”.

For those who don’t know, Azfar has been receiving constant criticism and made fun of by local trolls for his distinct appearance due to his albinism disease. Shazwan is popular among internet users for posting shirtless selfies and also for his recent viral clip – a 25-seconds video showing his buff body with six-pack abs.

The interesting part of the whole session was when the model-activist revealed that Shazwan had actually made fun of him in the past. In this case, Shazwan posted a tweet back in August last year where he tagged Azfar in a news by Astro Awani about an African albino teenager being slaughtered for ritual purposes.

During the chat, Azfar appeared to have recalled about the post made by the 22-year-old. “So, the thing about body-shaming, most people didn’t realise that they feel like their fingers (typing) are invincible. But we don’t know whether if we will be dealing with those who have bullied us in real life. Just like this case,” said Azfar while referring to his case with Shazwan.

The 1-minute and 23-seconds clip shared by a user known as @burhan_plays caught the attention of netizens who defended Azfar for standing up for his rights against his former bully. On the other hand, some also criticised him for being unprofessional on live television.

As of today (29th October), the video has received over 1.7 million views on Twitter. Check out some of their reactions below:

We hope that all the commotion happening between them can be used as a lesson for everyone on how to use social media platforms wisely in the future.

For those who are interested, check out the full clip of the segment here:






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