Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: ACTUALLY Moving to America?!

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: ACTUALLY Moving to America?!

These are difficult times in the lives of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Obviously, that’s a relative term, and a rough patch for a duke and duchess is probably better than the best of times for, say, a garbage man and a school lunchlady.

Baby Sussex

But anyone who’s been forced to endure the kind of abuse that Meghan has put up with in recent years has the right to complain.

And anyone who wants to tell her otherwise is part of the problem.

In case you’ve fallen behind on your royal gossip, the latest trouble began with a BBC documentary entitled Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.

As the title indicates, the doc chronicled the recent foreign travels and humanitarian work of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

At a Parade

It also featured what may be the couple’s most candid interviews to date.

“I really tried to adopt this British sensibility of a ‘stiff upper lip,’” Meghan said at one point.

“I really tried, but I think that what that does internally is probably really damaging.”

Disparaging the stoicism that the British family is famous for and complaining about the pressures of palace life all in the same interview?

Laughing with the Prince

Needless to say, this is unprecedented stuff — and while Meghan’s remarks have earned her some well-deserved sympathy from the public, they may have also made her already-untenable situation with the press even more hostile.

In gleeful interviews and thinkpieces, some of the Duchess’ harshest critics (including her own sister) have demanded that Meghan stop complaining and accused her of ingratitude for her position.

Given how much Harry and Meghan enjoy foreign travel and the extent to which the media has made life intolerable for them in the UK, pehaps it should come as no surprise that the Sussexes may be considering relocating.

And according to a new report from People magazine, Meghan’s native country might top their list of potential new homes.

Meghan Markle Royally Waves

“It’s not possible for them to be [in the U.K.] like this,” a source tells the magazine.

“There’s more pressure now. There’s a shift that is happening.”

The insider says the Sussexes are planning to take six weeks of “much-needed family time” from mid-November through the end of the year.

“This would be Harry’s first Thanksgiving in the States,” adds the source.

Happy Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

“It will be nice for them to be around people that love them and have him understand her traditions too.”

And it seems that if Meghan, Harry, and — most importantly — baby Archie find life in the States to be less stessful, than a permanent move across the pond would not be out of the question.

Harry already discussed the possibility of relocation in An African Journey, but revealed that he had trouble imagining a future for his family in his beloved Africa.

“I don’t know where we could live in Africa at the moment,” he said.

Into the Woods

“We just came from Cape Town, that would be an amazing place to base ourselves, of course, it would,” Harry added.

“But with all the problems that are going on there, I just don’t see how we’d be able to really make as much difference as we’d want to without the issues and the judgment of how we would be with those surroundings.”

But while it’s true that the American press is less invasive than the British tabloid media, wherever they go, Harry and Meghan will remain one of the world’s most heavily-scrutinized couples.

And that level of fame will always bring with it a world of headaches.

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