Rumours Of Jacqueline Wong Being Pregnant Aren’t Confirmed By Any Facts

Rumours Of Jacqueline Wong Being Pregnant Aren’t Confirmed By Any Facts

While researching for this topic, I came across a statement made by a fellow Goody Feed writer.

“Lest you’ve been living in North Korea, you would surely have heard of the whole AndyHui-SammiCheng-JacquelineWong fiasco.”

Good news for you readers, because you will be able to receive completely unbiased, neutral views in this article brought to you by someone who had been living in North Korea.

Breakdown of the whole saga:

  • Andy Hui, 51 (who’s married to Sammi Cheng, 46) and Jacqueline Wong, 31 (attached to Kenneth Ma, 45) engaged in some frisky action in the backseat of a taxi
  • There was a hidden camera recording their every movement
  • The video was leaked to Apple Daily
  • Andy Hui issued a public apology
  • Jacqueline Wong kept quiet on social media
  • Sammi Cheng implicitly forgave Andy Hui
  • Kenneth defended Jacqueline in an interview
  • TVB, Hong Kong television station, announced to replace Jacqueline Wong in upcoming drama Forensic Heroes IV
  • Replacement is to be Jacqueline’s good friend Roxanne Tong
  • Rumours spread while Jacqueline disappeared in public eye
  • Jacqueline spotted at Los Angeles International Airport
Image: QQ

Why did Jacqueline Wong go to Los Angeles? What really happened and what’s going to happen?

So, the latest rumour going around is that Jacqueline Wong is pregnant.

Basis of Pregnancy Rumour

Back in March, it was reported in local media that Jacqueline Wong had vomited on set for The Maid Alliance. Before the incident, Jacqueline was living with Kenneth.

No one really knows who started the rumour, but when a guy and a girl like each other and the birds and the bees happen it isn’t surprising if it happens. So, some speculated that the real reason Jacqueline went to Los Angeles was to take care of the baby.


Like any good meme artist, spicy stories are the basis of good entertainment.

I played all Phoenix Wright games and read Kindaichi, so I have confidence in my detective skills.

So you can trust me when I said I tried to find concrete evidence in order to spice things up.

Whatever is spreading on the net aren’t based on facts

We first review the March vomiting. Just a month later after that, Jacqueline Wong went to Malaysia to film a travel programme in April. But here’s the thing, would a pregnant woman really do this?

More than likely, unless Jacqueline Wong is actively trying to kill an unborn child or just genuinely didn’t know a child is in her body, or her being pregnant isn’t true.

So fast forward a month into May, where the pregnancy rumours are starting again. Your honour, I would like the prosecution to present their evidence.

Image: Kenneth Ma Weibo

That’s right. The prosecution’s most definitive evidence is a Weibo post by Kenneth Ma on 8 May, who typed: “Hope…is at tomorrow…”.

“News” articles online talking about the pregnancy literally just jumped straight into talking about who the father can be before even questioning if the pregnancy is even real.

Here’s another evidence presented by the prosecution, that I would like to cross-examine.

Image: Sohu

Literally just the headline of another article.

And to that, my honour, I present to you a piece of damning evidence I have against the prosecution’s case.

I rest my case and rest my Photoshop.

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