Taeyeon Pays Tribute To Sulli In Spark Dance Practice Video

Taeyeon Pays Tribute To Sulli In Spark Dance Practice Video

Taeyeon (태연) is currently slaying the music charts with her hit single “Spark” (불티), taken from her 2nd studio album, “Purpose”.

Last night, the Girls’ Generation (소녀시대) songstress released the full choreography for her latest solo track. The new clip offers fans a complete view of the beautiful choreography and what fans can expect during a live performance.

Many fans commented on Taeyeon’s unique charisma and fiery commitment throughout the dance practice video. “I like her choreography because sometimes you can see when a soloist is dancing to the song, he/she might be dancing only in the middle of the stage but Taeyeon utilises all the space. Taeyeon’s spark is superb!” one user wrote.

Despite many praising on fierce dance moves executed by Taeyeon and her group of female dancers, a large focus was on her fashion choice. No, we aren’t referring to the black sweater and pants, nor the white sneakers. But the black beanie on her head.

Many thought that the 30-year-old K-pop starlet was wearing Sulli‘s very own customised beanie. However, several netizens online have shed light on the assumption. While Taeyeon was wearing a Verutum beanie, it wasn’t the customised  “Verutum is Sulli” owned by the late singer.

Still, it’s nice to know that Taeyeon was paying homage to her bestie who left the world too soon. Numerous fans also commented how each of the 8 back up dancers represented her Girls’ Generation sisters. SNSD OT9 anyone?

Source: Twitter

It’s safe to say that “Spark” is already shaping up to be 1 of the best K-pop releases of 2019. Let’s continue to show our support to the queen.

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