30yo Woman is Still Single, So Her Mother Beats Her With Iron Rod Until She Bruises & Bleeds

30yo Woman is Still Single, So Her Mother Beats Her With Iron Rod Until She Bruises & Bleeds

A woman was arrested after she beat her own daughter because she had not married and was still single.

According to South China Morning Post, the woman, surnamed Wang, from eastern China used an iron bar to hit her 30-year-old daughter repeatedly causing her to bleed and have bruises.

This was because the woman was unhappy that her daughter was still unmarried at the age of 30, and complained that her daughter did not earn enough money at her previous job. The daughter had to quit said job to help run a restaurant with her mother.

Source: Line Today

According to police, the daughter had been beaten many times in the past, and had reported the offence to the police two times in August. However, on both occasions, the wounds had been less serious and the two of them were given warning letters and required to sign a conflict mediation agreement.

After the third police report, Wang was successfully detained after the police saw how bad the bruises were.

Wang and her daughter were at their restaurant when the police arrived. It was there that they noticed the large bruises and bleeding on the daughter’s arms, buttocks and legs.

The police then ordered Wang and her daughter to go to the police station for an investigation, but Wang refused to go, saying that she only “beat her daughter, not other people”. She was detained nevertheless.

Source: Asia One

At the police station, Lin said that she would only agree to release her mother if she was paid 80,000 yuan (RM47,300) in compensation.

Upon hearing this, Wang fainted, but later agreed to after other relatives had persuaded her to do so. Wang was then released on bail.

Wang said that the conflict started when her daughter had responded defiantly to her for not cleaning the house.

“I got very angry and told her if you say it again, I will slap you,” Wang said.

“She told me to ‘do it’. I saw an iron stick in the kitchen, so I picked it up and beat my daughter. She then ran away.”

Wang said she and her daughter had quarrelled a lot in recent months, ever since her daughter found out that her parents bought a flat for her brother and thought they favoured him more than her.

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