Li Xiaolu’s Lingerie Photos Circulate the Web, Jia Nailiang Has “Gone Crazy”

Li Xiaolu’s Lingerie Photos Circulate the Web, Jia Nailiang Has “Gone Crazy”

The day before Halloween, Chinese actress Li Xiaolu (李小璐) was revealed to have shot three intimate videos with rapper PG One, the man whom was revealed to have been her lover back in 2017, when the actress was still married to actor Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮). Jia and Li have one daughter together.

Soon after those clips were leaked, PG One admitted that he and Li had been in a relationship, but the two are no longer together. Those clips were taken between March and April of 2018. Their relationship was the major factor that contributed to Li’s divorce from Jia in early 2019.

And while Li is allegedly no longer linked with PG One, new incriminating photos of Li have begun circulating again—intimate photos of Li wearing nothing else but lingerie. These photos have been circulating for a few days now, but Li has yet to release a statement about them, although the actress has logged onto Weibo at least 80 times the past few days.

According to a source, Jia has “gone crazy” over the leaked photos of Li. It allegedly affected his work performance, prompting his new movie to temporarily halt production so Jia could take a rest.

“It is a double betrayal,” said the source close to Jia. PG One and Jia came from the same hometown and they were friends. Jia had a hand on assisting PG One in his debut.

Nonetheless, there is also talk that the woman in the lingerie photos is actually not Li, but photoshopped by overzealous netizens.



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