McDonald’s Fires CEO Over Relationship With Employee But Why Is Chrissy Teigen Involved?

McDonald’s Fires CEO Over Relationship With Employee But Why Is Chrissy Teigen Involved?

Chrissy Teigen is known for being outspoken on social media and sometimes finds herself in drama – be it from entertainment tabloids or even politics.

This week though, Teigen found herself included in a scandal of McDonald’s firing their CEO Steve Easterbrook after it was exposed that he had an affair with an employee.

The headline from Daily Mail reads: “McDonald’s FIRES its British CEO Steve Easterbrook from his $16M-a-year job after a ‘consensual’ affair with an employee that ‘violated company policy.”

Whoa whoa whoa why am I in this headline photo,” the model and TV personality joked on Twitter. Some people may have misinterpreted the image and assumed Teigen was the aforementioned staff. “This makes it look like Ronald McDonald is his husband and Chrissy is the mistress,” someone commented.

Chrissy Teigen
Source: Daily Mail

The post has since garnered 1.3k comments on Twitter and 5.2k comments on Instagram. Many of her followers hilariously teased her by asking, “What did you do?”, while a few congratulated on the “new relationship” that no one knew about.

According to Bloomberg, the company’s board voted to terminate Easterbrook, 52, after an investigation was carried out. McDonald’s has a policy that doesn’t allow the CEO to have a romantic relationship with anyone in the firm.

This was a mistake,” Easterbrook admitted in a statement. “Given the values of the company, I agree with the board that it is time for me to move on.” As a result, the president of McDonald’s USA – Chris Kempczinski – was promoted to CEO with immediate effect.

While it’s obvious that Teigen isn’t a McDonald’s employee, the 33-year-old star has collaborated with the fast food chain in the past.

Still, the memes pouring in have been hilarious. Our favourite was when someone asked, “Did you have a McAffair?

Source: Yahoo.

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