Sorry Instagram, But Yuna Prefers Twitter Better

Sorry Instagram, But Yuna Prefers Twitter Better

Social media has become so integral in our lives that it’s almost impossible to go a day without it. Just ask Yuna.

The Malaysian songstress shared that she was asked her preference between Instagram and Twitter during an interview that took place yesterday (Tuesday, 5th November).

This may or may not surprise you but the 32-year-old singer went with Twitter. “Words over images,” she explained, adding that the new Instagram algorithm format is now rather confusing. She’s not alone in this.

Twitter is more interactive.. You ask someone a question or give them a suggestion, they will see it immediately,” @WonderIrra concurred. The same sentiments were echoed by @WonderIrra, who wrote, “Same. I kinda moved from IG to Twitter. Turns out I rather read.”

Source: Twitter/ Google Images

Even though Twitter has been around longer, Instagram has surpassed in terms of monthly active users. Writer Gary Vaynerchuk explains, “When you’re spending time on Instagram, you’re not paying attention to anything else. 100% engaged and looking at your Instagram screen, each photo of users you follow on Instagram passes one by one. IG is all about that attention. It knows how to keep it. That’s where it is really winning.”

Instagram knows how to keep users glued to the app. That’s why there are no clickable links in the captions. However, many IG users these days are accustomed to using filters to make their lives seem perfect, which in turn can be quite toxic.

Twitter focuses more on engagement (retweets, comments) rather than mere “likes”. Perhaps this method of communication is more appealing to Yuna when interacting with her fans.

Source: Gary Vaynerchuk

What’s your preference?

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