Fish Leong relied on her new album to get through her divorce

Fish Leong relied on her new album to get through her divorce

In September this year, singer Fish Leong announced that she had called it quits with her husband of nine years, businessman Tony Chao. The couple has a five-year-old son together, Anderson.

In the weeks following her announcement, Fish’s posts on social media were far and few between. At a sharing session for her new song in September, the singer’s emotions got the better of her, and she started tearing up in the middle of her performance.

However, it seems like the 41-year-old has since put her divorce behind her and is ready to start anew. On October 31, the singer attended a Halloween event at her son’s kindergarten. Her ex-husband was also present, although he was not featured in the pictures Fish posted the next day.

Nov 4, Fish held a press conference to announce her upcoming concert tour, which will kick off next year.

At the press conference, she addressed her divorce for the first time, sharing that she had relied on her new music to get her through the trying time. Fish also apologised to her fans for causing worry when she refrained from commenting on the matters that arose because of her divorce announcement.

“During that period of time, I concentrated on being a good mother and a good singer. Through my new music, I also healed my own wounds from the divorce. Songs like ‘How Am I’ and ‘Slow to Cool Down’ were particularly helpful,” she shared.

“My fans and friends will be able to hear the emotions that I poured into my songs,” she continued. “I feel that music and the arts have the ability to heal everyone, and I am no exception. Using a medium that I can express myself freely in, my music, I expressed everything that I’ve experienced during this period of time.”

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