Gojek & Dego Motorbike Hailing Services Will Be Launching In M’sia By Jan 2020!

Gojek & Dego Motorbike Hailing Services Will Be Launching In M’sia By Jan 2020!

If you’ve ever needed to get to a place in a hurry, you probably know that getting there in a car can sometimes delay your journey instead of shortening it. After all, when you encounter a traffic jam, you’re pretty much stuck in place. Sometimes jams can be caused by an accident, roadworks, or worse still, sometimes there’s no reason why it even jams to begin with.

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But one thing you will notice when you’re stuck in a jam, is that motorbikes always manage to get ahead by zipping in-and-out between cars. Sometimes, we wish we can just tumpang duduk on a motorbike and get to where we need to be quickly.

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Well, now you can because bike-hailing companies will finally be available in Malaysia, according to The Star!

In a recent press conference, the Ministry of Transportation said that both Indonesia’s Gojek and Malaysia’s very own Dego Ride will be able to commence operations via a pilot test program starting January 2020 onwards. 

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It is said that this pilot program will only restrict the riders of these companies to operate within the Klang Valley area for six months as part of a Proof of Concept initiative. This is so that the government can assess these services while awaiting the finalisation of regulatory laws for bike-hailing apps.

“Other conditions are that the riders must not be less than 18 years old and they can only ferry one passenger who are above 18,” adds Anthony Loke, a member of the Ministry of Transportation.

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On top of that, riders who wish to take up positions under either of these bike-hailing companies must be clearly identifiable when on the road during the PoC period. The motorcycles owned by these riders must also be less than five years old and be in roadworthy condition. 

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As for the riders themselves, they must have a clean record and must not be included on any police or Road Transport Department (JPJ) blacklists. The police and members of JPJ will be working closely to monitor the operations of these companies during the PoC period and will ensure that all traffic laws are enforced.

Well now that just might make traveling around the Klang Valley a whole lot easier! Maybe we won’t be as late for our meetings as we are now, come next January! 

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