Nadia Brian Files Police Report Against Entertainment Portal For Degrading Remarks

Nadia Brian Files Police Report Against Entertainment Portal For Degrading Remarks

Malaysian celebrity Nadia Brian has lodged a police report against popular gossip portal RotiKaya for allegedly giving degrading remarks towards her in one of their published articles. The report was made at the Bandar Sri Hartamas Police Station on Wednesday (6th October) at 5:30pm.

The article, titled “Simpanlah Sikit Maruah Diri Untuk Ke Liang Lahad” (Keep Some Of Your Dignity For The Grave) was published on Tuesday (29th October).

Source: Gempak

The “Cinta Tanpa Henti” actress further added that this is not the first time the entertainment blog has done that. “This is the second time,” the 28-year-old clarified, before adding, “The same thing happened to me last August. I ignored it, though. But this time around, I decided to take action because it (the writing) was too much.”

Nadia further added that the article not only affected her, but it also gave a significant impact to everyone else as well – including her family members and also her beau Muizz Nasruddin. “I have family, a fiancé and also the rest of his family members. They also got affected by this issue. This matter has resulted to the interruption of the preparations for my wedding,” said Nadia (full name Nadia Najwa Mohamed Rashidi).

Nadia’s lawyer, Nur Aizat Noor Azam said to Harian Metro that the court will send a notice claiming for an apology from RotiKaya. “We will send the notice (Today, Thursday, 7th November) and we will give them 7 days for their feedback. If there is no response from them, we will consider whether if we will take further action or not,” shared Nur Aizat.

As mentioned in our previous article, the actress received a massive amount of backlash for her westernised bridal shower party. However, she responded by questioning on why some entertainment blogs decided to make use of the netizens’ comments as a title for their article.

Source: Harian Metro. Featured Image: Gempak.

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