A New ‘Scream’ Movie Is Currently in the Works

A New ‘Scream’ Movie Is Currently in the Works


Scream started out as a critique of the slasher genre while also trying to have fun with those narrative conventions. The film eventually birthed three sequels as well as three seasons of a TV series that ran for two seasons on MTV and one season on VH1. But with IP remaining incredibly valuable to studios, Spyglass Media Group has snapped up the rights to develop the next Scream according to Bloody Disgusting.

For those who have never seen a Scream movie, the story started out as a riff on the slasher genre with characters consciously aware of “the rules” while being picked off by Ghostface, a masked killer who inevitably turns out to be one of the main characters providing a nice “whodunnit” element to the proceedings.

The question now becomes what Spyglass intends to do with the series. BD reports that Kevin Williamson, who created the franchise with Wes Craven, is not writing the screenplay, but there’s no word if this new entry will be a continuation of the movies, the TV series, or a reboot. If Spyglass looks at the current landscape, the right move might be “legacyquel” where they bring back Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott and then find a way to hand the series off to a new group of characters.

The larger issue is how do you get to the core of the Scream franchise, which is about critiquing the horror genre? Would it be a legacyquel that pokes fun at other legacyquels? Or would they simply return to the mold of the classic slasher flick? There’s a lot of potential here, but also plenty of pitfalls, so I hope they take care with this property so that a new generation can revel in the joy of Scream.

Do you want to see a Scream sequel or a full reboot? Sound off in the comments.

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