“Food Lore” The New Series From HBO That Combines Food And Drama

“Food Lore” The New Series From HBO That Combines Food And Drama

HBO is adding the spice of Asia to their network this November, with the premiere of their new original series, “Food Lore”.

The series is an anthology drama series, with each episode featuring a different set of tone, voice, and narrative. Not only that, each of the 8 episode series were also filmed in a different country with the director of each episode hailing from the country where it was shot.

The countries in the series are, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and, of course, Malaysia. Each hour long episode a contains story and will explore the lives of the characters and their adventure with food.

More specifically Asian cuisines.

So no more steaks and burgers as we will be looking at the Asian specials of the menu this time. Mark your calendars as we’ll be looking at the 8th episode of the series title “Stray Dogs”. It so happens to be the Malaysian episode. Best for last, right?

The episode will air on 22nd December 2019 and is be directed by Ho Yu Hang, who previously did “Mrs K”. The actors involve in said episode will be Wilson Tin from “Lee Chong Wei: The Movie” and joining him will be Fabian Loo who starred in “Fly By Night”.

Wilson will play the ill-tempered cook, Maki, while Fabian will play the ambitious young salesperson, Tim. The story revolves around their relationship, with Tim hoping to open up a food franchise with the brilliant, but grouchy, Chef Maki. Maki rejects Tim’s proposal, but they gradually form an unlikely friendship.

Their friendship is then put to the test, when Tim discovers the secret recipe for Maki’s sambal. Tim will find himself having to choose between selling the recipe or stay loyal to his newfound friend.

If you’re interested in the series then it is available for viewing right now, at Astro channel 411 or 431 for the HD version. But if TV isn’t your thing then the series is also available for streaming on HBO GO.

So if you’re still a little iffy about the series then check out the trailer below, for all that Asian goodness.


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