BIGBANG’s Taeyang On Whether BIGBANG’s Comeback Will Include Seungri

BIGBANG’s Taeyang On Whether BIGBANG’s Comeback Will Include Seungri

Any V.I.Ps here have been longing for a full OT5 BIGBANG comeback?

Yesterday (Sunday, 10th November), two other members of the award-winning boy band – namely Taeyang (태양) and Daesung (대성) – have officially been discharged from military service.

Taeyang (real name Dong Youngbae) was seen in a fan’s Instagram video. In the clip, he was asked to greet all the international VIPs. “Thank you so much for waiting and supporting (BIGBANG members). I really appreciate anything you have done for me and I’ll see you soon,” said the 30-year-old.

Additionally, he was also asked about the possibility whether there will be a comeback happening soon with all the 5 members, including retired bandmate Seungri (승리). He responded by simply answering, “I’ll do my best!”. He also revealed that all the members of the band “need more wisdom” in order to make their return to the music scene.

“We’re going to think hard about it and will come to a decision between just ourselves. We want to come back well and show a side of us that we couldn’t while we were in the army,” he further added.

Fans reactions towards Taeyang’s response in the clip were mixed though. Despite the fact that some were happy at the mention of the Seungri, other were not really pleased on the other hand.

In this case, a few netizens have bashed the fangirl for unnecessarily questioning about Seungri to Taeyang. For the uninitiated, the “Strong Baby” singer has been involved in a lot of scandals that in turn have ruined his group’s reputation.

Check out some of V.I.Ps’ response on Twitter here:

Whether it will be a full group comeback or not, we hope that the members will get together for their all-waited K-pop comeback.

Sources: KoreabooAllKpop.

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