Aliff Aziz’s Mother Gives Update On Son’s Condition Since Release

Aliff Aziz’s Mother Gives Update On Son’s Condition Since Release

If you’ve missed the news, Aliff Aziz’s recent arrest case has caused a major buzz among local netizens.

However, not long after that, it was revealed that the “Halakan Hati Yang Ku Curi” actor was finally been released by the police officers.

Source: Rotikaya

Aliff’s mother, S Hafiza Basharahil took to Instagram to share the good news to everyone. “To anyone who asked about my son’s condition, praise to God for everyone’s prayers, he is okay. After meeting his son (Ayden Adrian) last night, fingers crossed that his condition will improve,” S Hafiza wrote on the caption.

“I believe there is a reason for everything that had happened in our lives, and only God knows why. With all humility, I would like to thank everyone for the warm wishes and prayers,” she further added in the post.

Source: Instagram via mStar

In the 4-minute clip, the “Sayang Sayang” singer was seen coaxing his son – who was crying after his father teased him that he will not buy him toys. “I was just joking, dear,” Aliff said in the clip, before adding, “I’m not mad, I really love you.”

The 2-year-old toddler then expressed his excitement upon receiving a “Captain America” bag pack as a gift. In addition, Aliff’s former beau, Bella Astillah was also seen in the video, as reported by Harian Metro.

For the unitiated, Aliff was arrested by the Singapore police for causing chaos while in a drunken state. However, it was not revealed specifically by his mother on when was his release time.

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