BLINKs Are Calling For BLACKPINK To Quit YG Entertainment

BLINKs Are Calling For BLACKPINK To Quit YG Entertainment

It is already mid-November and a month away from 2020. But we have yet to receive any good news about BLACKPINK (블랙핑크)’s promised comeback, as stated by their home label YG Entertainment.

So far, the global girl group only released their chart-topping hit “Kill This Love” this year and that’s it! So, what’s next for the girl group? What happened to other members’ solo debut?

As a result to the several unanswered questions, BLINKs all over the world have expressed their frustration towards YG Entertainment by coming up with the hashtag #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG to show their protest against YG, campaigning for the girls to just leave the company for good.

Apparently, the agency had announced that their comeback will be postponed until next year. To top it off, YG has just announced that their fellow recording artiste, 1st generation boy band Sechs Kies will be making their return. This has caused a major commotion among fans of BLACKPINK who demanded for their comeback in the K-pop scene.

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Not only that, the controversial tweet posted by YG to address the news about the girls making it in TIME magazine’s “100 next” list has also caused a major uproar among BLINKs. In their initial tweet, fans have pointed out on how YG selfishly used “WE” as their caption without even bothering to mention the group’s name in their tweet.

After massive backlash from fans, they then removed the tweet and re-posted the same exact tweet by making minor changes to the post. Feel free to compare both of the tweets below:

Going through the hashtag, most fans have pointed out on how YG has been wasting the members’ overflowing talent by locking them up in the dungeon despite their record-breaking achievement.

Some also claimed that all the girls deserve better treatment by the company. On the other hand, some BLINKs have demanded them to just leave YG and sign with another agency instead. Check out some of their tweets here:

What do you have to say about this BLINKs? Do you think BLACKPINK deserves to receive this kind of treatment?

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