Wu Chun Says He Doesn’t Regret Telling Everyone He’s Married Even Though It Nearly Destroyed His Career

Wu Chun Says He Doesn’t Regret Telling Everyone He’s Married Even Though It Nearly Destroyed His Career

Though it’s become an increasingly outdated practice, it’s still not uncommon for male stars to hide their relationships from the public — how else to maintain the fantasy that their fangirls have of marrying them?

One such idol who used to do that was Bruneian heartthrob Wu Chun, who was a member of super pops Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit.

During his time as in the boyband, Wu Chun managed to keep his private life secret, revealing little about his dating history apart from that one time he briefly spoke about a high-school sweetheart.

But in 2011, that little nugget of information was enough for resourceful journos, who managed to find out that Wu Chun had already filed for marriage in 2009 and that he has a kid. However, Wu Chun continued to deny the rumours… until 2013.

When the actor finally admitted that he’s married to his long-time love Lin Liying, who is not in showbiz, and that he was already a dad, his many fans flew into a rage and called him a “liar”.

It took him a number of years to regain the trust of his fans, but Wu Chun eventually became known for being a devoted husband and father. But he still remained very protective of his wife, only revealing her face to the public for the first time on Valentine’s Day last year.

Recently, the now 40-year-old father-of-two went on a Chinese variety show where he talked about the scandal, which nearly derailed his career. He said doesn’t regret his decision to come clean about his marital status and that he feels that his actions have inspired other artistes to do the same.

He explained that his courage to finally be honest stemmed from his strong feelings of happiness and that he wanted to share his joy .

Of course, he had his reservations.“When I announced it back then, I was super nervous. To tell everyone the truth, I knew that there would be good comments and also not-so good comments,” he shared.

But his deepest fears were realised when his popularity took a nosedive after he revealed that he was off-the-market. Luckily for Wu Chun, he managed to turn things around and the public started to see him as a devoted husband. In 2017, he then surprised everyone by taking part in Chinese variety show Dad! Where Are We Going? with his kids, daughter NeiNei and son Max, which led to a resurgence in his popularity.


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