Cecilia Cheung Reveals Her Youngest Son’s Face For The First Time In Celebration Of Him Turning One

Cecilia Cheung Reveals Her Youngest Son’s Face For The First Time In Celebration Of Him Turning One

Has it really been a year since Cecilia Cheung gave birth to her youngest son, Marcus?

In a video uploaded on Weibo last night (Nov 18), Ceci wished Marcus a happy birthday, along with a pic of the boy. His arms may have covered part of his face, but it’s the first time she’s offered her followers a clear look at her son.

“Marcus, happy first birthday. I have three sons, and I am fortunate,” she wrote.

Her sweet post led many netizens to leave congratulatory messages on her Weibo.

“You’re the prettiest and most selfless mother,” wrote a fan. “Happy birthday! I wish baby Marcus health and happiness!” said another.

The video ended with a sand drawing of Ceci and her sons
Can you see what Marcus looks like?

But it’s actually not the first time Ceci has shown Marcus’s face on social media. In October, Ceci, while shooting an IG story, panned her camera across the room, accidentally revealing her son’s face for a split second. Lucky for Ceci, the video quality was too grainy for anyone figure out his exact features.

On November 15, it was alleged that she has patched things up with her father of her youngest son. The baby daddy’s identity is still a secret even though Marcus is already a year old.

When a copy of Marcus’s birth certificate surfaced last year, everyone thought the search for who his father is would be over. But the document didn’t have his name, which led to everyone speculating that Ceci and her mysterious baby daddy had broken up.

However, a recent vid posted by Ceci suggested otherwise.

In an IG story uploaded on November 15 (yes, the same day as her pro-China post, but more on that later), Marcus’s voice could be heard in the background shouting “Daddy!”. It led to netizens coming to the conclusion that the one-year-old was calling for his dad, and that Ceci had reconciled with that mystery man.

Apart from Marcus, Ceci has two sons, Lucas 11 and Quintus, eight, from her five-year marriage to Nicholas Tse. While her older two sons feature constantly on her IG, she seems to be more protective of Marcus.

Also, the mother-of-three uploaded a Tiktok video on Instagram with the words: “From now on, you can only praise me alone, dote on me and be sincere in your words. If I’m happy, you should be happy with me. When I’m not happy, you are going to make me happy. You should always feel that I am the most beautiful. If you are dreaming, you can only dream of me. Are you able to do it?”

As demanding as those words may sound, they’re not actually her own words. Ish. They’re actually from Ceci’s 2002 movie, The Lion Roars, where she plays a demanding wife. However, fans speculated that the lyrics were meant for her baby daddy.

In other news, Cecilia has made her stand clear about the latest Hongkong protests.

In a post dated Nov 15, the 39-year-old reposted a quote from Chinese president Xi Jinping, which read: “Stopping the storm and restoring order is Hongkong’s most urgent task at present.”

Ceci’s post quickly drew comments from netizens from both ends of the spectrum, including some trolls who uploaded pics of her dressed in a police uniform which were from the time she was involved in the Edison Chen sex photos scandal. Yikes.

All that controversy led to the star not only closing her IG comments section but also (albeit temporarily) her fashion boutique, Seececistreet, which is located in Central Hongkong. It led to some netizens joking that the actress would have her store “renovated by protesters” soon.


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