Raja Ilya Reveals Real Reason For Turning Down Marvel Role

Raja Ilya Reveals Real Reason For Turning Down Marvel Role

Raja Ilya recently revealed the real reason on why she decided to turn down her role in a Marvel superhero movie.

According to the “Estet” actress, she had to reject the offer of starring in the film as it involved a kissing scene, which is against conservative Islamic values.

Talking to Harian Metro, Ilya (real name Raja Ramilah Begum Raja Mohammad), shared that she felt a little upset to let go of the golden opportunity. However, she put her disappointment after knowing that her upcoming movie “KL Vampires – her 1st take on action film – will be releasing in local cinemas after 2 years.

“I was deeply moved. Looking back on how difficult it was for us in order to carry out all the action scenes. To get us all geared up, we went through a whole month of training session. Besides that, the premiere of the movie also serves as an answer to fans’ question on when will the film will come out in cinemas,” she further added in the interview.

Additionally, the 34-year-old was also asked about her marriage with husband, Trent Garrett as well as plans on having a baby. Ilya responded by saying that “married life is so much fun. Thank God after a year since tying the knot, we understand each other a lot. In regards on getting a child, my husband and I are planning to have our own baby next year. Plus, I’ve been busy in arranging my schedule as I am planning to make my comeback in the industry,” she told Berita Harian.

Ilya further added that her husband has been very supportive of her. “I was thinking of slowing down (career), but he always encouraged me to continue with my activities in the entertainment platform. My husband often motivates me to keep on sharpening my skills in acting. This includes expanding my career overseas,” said the Kuala Lumpur-born starlet. 

“In this case, he knew about me attending auditions in the US for career opportunities at the country. Therefore, he suggested I try my luck by signing with a local talent agency in Perth, Australia. I haven’t received any feedback yet so far but Trent has been showing non-stop support for me in order to pursue my career as an actress,” Ilya further added.

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In another news, Ilya recently took to her Instagram to express her frustration towards airline company Malindo air. According to Ilya, she had to take the issue to the extreme measures, demanding further explanation from them.

“I’ve been patient for so long, I had experience in working for airlines too. I’ve never treated passengers with this kind of manner based on my experience as a cabin crew,” she wrote on her Instagram, before adding, “Today, I feel like it was just too much. Sending e-mails and phone calls seems to not function at all. What options do we have to voice out our complaints to the individuals in charge?” 

In the lengthy caption, she also recalled back her past experience with the air flight’s poor service, “Not once, but many times!! To the point that we were not informed that the luggage were left at the airport. When we arrived at Perth, we were told that they were not able to bring out the bags along as a result of overload.”

“When boarding the flight, some of the cabin crews served their passengers as if they were the enemies of their country. They even served their food like they were giving them to beggars,” she further added in the caption.

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Ilya’s upcoming film “KL Vampires” is set to debut in local cinemas this coming Thursday (14th November).

Sources: The StarBerita Harian.

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