Henry Golding The New James Bond? Here’s His Thoughts

Henry Golding The New James Bond? Here’s His Thoughts

Daniel Craig is coming to the end of his James Bond run. And with the release date for his last Bond film, “No Time To Die”, coming closer at 9th April 2020. Rumours have started to spread on who will be the next to don the British icon.

While many names are being considered to take up the role, from Tom Hardy to Idris Elba, one name seems to stick out to the surprise of many. That is the relative newcomer to the scene, Henry Golding, who made his big screen debut in 2018’s “Crazy Rich Asian” and is now seen on “Last Christmas”.

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During a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. The host noted that the actor should be the next James Bond, and even showed his Vegas leaderboard on odds of him getting the role. He then picked Idris Elba out of the bunch, before letting loose on his thoughts of the role.

He said, “If you’re a male movie star, it is literally the most iconic role possible. You’d be an absolute idiot not to sort of think and aspire for a role like that. I mean, who knows?”

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Of course, it would be too early to say if the 32-year-old would get the role or not. But it might not be too far fetch, as the Vegas leaderboard Fallon brought out did show him having a 10 to 1 odds. And with the role being as prized that it is, the odds seems pretty good.

Add in to the fact, that Golding is a person that has been jumping at every opportunity given to him, it might not be too long before we’ll be seeing ourselves an Asian James Bond.

If you’re curious about the interview, then check it out in the video below:

So what do you think about Henry Golding being chances of being the next James Bond? Do you have a better person in mind? Feel free to let us know all about it, in the comment section below.

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