Netizens & Celebs Call Ahmad Idham Out For His Controversial Netflix Comments

Netizens & Celebs Call Ahmad Idham Out For His Controversial Netflix Comments

Recently, the CEO of the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri found himself in hot water after voicing out his opinions on popular streaming platform Netflix.

According to the film director, the contents should undergo filtering process from the government. Not only that, Idham further claimed that he has received reports from worried parents on the uncensored contents provided on Netflix for underage audiences, which might resulted in negative affects among local youths.

Not long after that, Idham received further criticism after a photo of him and other FINAS personnel allegedly agreed to cooperate with an upcoming streaming platform known as Aflix went viral on Twitter. For those who don’t know, the picture was posted on Aflix’s official Instagram back in September.

As a result, local netizens were left fuming. In this case, some of them have called out both FINAS and Aflix for their lack of competitive spirit. Not only that, a few celebrities like Sharifah Sakinah and Shamaine Othman also gave their two cents on the matter – expressing their disagreement against FINAS’ proposal to filter Netflix’s mature content.

Check out some of their comments below:

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Today, CEO Finas suggest the Government to filter Netfix content which I strongly disagree. Yes some content are not suitable for younger minds but you can use the security PIN feature whatt. For parents who are concerned with this paid internet app, you can set password to avoid kids viewing or simply just don't subscribelahh. Please jangan kacau Netflix. If the government wants to ban or filter Netflix I'm gonna baring depan finas tu dengan kawan2 ramai2. Boleh singgah zoo negara sekali…. Cause it is unfair and inconsistent, what about app like Wechat or Youtube???? To the CEO of Finas, I really miss your old dramas like Cinderella that inspire me to become TV actress. Who can forget the romance scenes and all the pegang2, dancing2 that I watched when I was child on the unfiltered national TV.

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As a response to the ongoing backlash, Coach Fadzil, a representative from Aflix took to his Instagram to clarify the whole situation. According to Fadzil, the videos that will be available for streaming will be completely different from Netflix.

He further explained that the company did not receive any form of assistance from other outside parties as the streaming platform has not launch yet. Feel free to read his full statement here:

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