How Much Is Your Outfit? These M’sian Teens Have At Least RM 20k On Them!

How Much Is Your Outfit? These M’sian Teens Have At Least RM 20k On Them!

Have you ever wondered how much your outfit worth? Malaysian Youtuber, Sampang, randomly interviewed some teenagers at SneakerLAH, the Malaysian annual sneaker convention, and guess what? The result was mind-blowing!


This 13-year-old looks nothing but trendy. Let’s take a look at what she had on her. A MCM sling bag worth RM 2000, ornaments worth RM 160, and a RM 6000 mobile phone. But what makes our jaw dropped was the RM10k BVLGARI necklace around her neck! To sum it up, she was out walking around with clothes and gadget worth RM 19, 760.

Everybody loves a good hoodie! It helps keep your style on point. But not all hoodies are as affordable as the ones you see at any stores. The red Supreme hoodie the boy was wearing worth RM 20k. Together with the RM 1800 Gucci trousers and the RM 16k sneakers, this 17 years old boy had a total of RM 37, 800 on him.

You can’t miss the EKBOSS this 21-year-old is wearing, can you? For your information, each word on this pendant worth RM 2k. And both of his necklaces worth RM 2.5k and RM 25k respectively. The good-looking watch on his left hand was RM 60k while his Gucci shoes cost RM 4.2k. And the value of his outfit? RM 105, 250k!

While looking trendy and stylish is good for our confidence, the comfort of the outfit is still the most important aspect.


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