RM 2,500 Per Month Is Too Little, So M’sian Woman Broke Up With Boyfriend

RM 2,500 Per Month Is Too Little, So M’sian Woman Broke Up With Boyfriend

There will be one day when the time comes for us to choose between love and bread. This is without a doubt one of the toughest decisions to make and I am pretty sure most of us can relate to it. Which is why this Malaysian woman’s story about her decision in choosing bread over love has gone viral on the internet.

If you were her, which one will you choose?

-When love was sweet-

Like many other couples, their love story started in the university. The Sarawakian boyfriend was a hardworking and aspiring student, and that won him her heart.

After graduation, the boyfriend found a job at a bank and was paid RM 2,500 monthly, but he insisted on paying the rent of the small apartment they lived near where the woman works for her convenience, even though it took a one-hour LRT and another few minutes of car rides to travel to his workplace.

He would even walk her to her office every morning before taking the LRT and walk her home in the evening after work. There was once he stood in the rain for more than 40 minutes outside her office waiting for her. When asked if he would feel tired doing this everyday, he replied, “Since you have chosen me, I will never make you walk home alone.” This promise warmed her heart.

-When reality kicks in-

When she wishes to own a car after two years working, the boyfriend insisted that he could not afford one. And things she received from him all these years were Bluetooth isSpeaker, electric toothbrush, mixer etc because they are more practical, according to him. But she also mentioned that what she really wanted were gifts like lipsticks and Yeezy Boost instead. Furthermore, they could not even plan a trip together since he had to give RM 1,000 to his parents every month.

-Her fragile love-

When love goes south, all she sees is fault. She admitted that her love for him has slowly faded. But the last straw that crushed their love was a Chanel handbag she saw her friend received from the friend’s boyfriend. Envious started to crawl its way up in her. That is why when the boyfriend said that he could not afford a Chanel bag, she could not hold it any longer and shouted at him, saying that he is useless.

The friction between the couple got worse day by day. She started to throw disrespectful words on him, like “Eat alone if you are eating at a mamak stall” or “Do you have beggars as parents? Why are they keep asking money from you?” According to her, he was unhappy but kept quiet every time and would write notes of apology to her. This went on for quite a long time.

-When she realized true love is hard to find-

One day, he prepared a nice dinner and asked if she wasn’t happy with the way they are now, and her reply was, “No one will be happy living a poor life!” The boyfriend remained silent for the rest of the night. The next day, she received a goodbye message from him. He had decided to go home but did not forget to tell her to take good care of herself. The woman admitted that she had a mixed feeling then but was not devastated. Since she can afford the rental and has a colleague who can take her home.

Her life went on as usual until when the colleague can no longer take her home. It was then that the feeling of severe sadness rushed in. She cried on her way home, recalling the question of her boyfriend the night before their breakup.

The post garnered a lot of responses from netizens, some saying it is perfectly okay to eat at a mamak stall. “Nothing makes you happier than finding a person who truly loves you”, commented a netizen. The woman was also called materialistic despite her confessed regret.

True love does not come easily. It is important to cherish the one person who would do anything to make you happy.


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