Kris Wu Debuts New Hairstyle

Kris Wu Debuts New Hairstyle

Mainland artiste Kris Wu (吳亦凡) has a large following of die-hard fans partly due to his good looks and tall stature. Although Kris put on some weight in the past six months, he successfully shed off those pounds and reverted to his handsome self recently. On top of slimming down, the idol also debuted a new hairstyle at a recent event. He sported super thick, straight bangs that resembled a bowl-cut, but the suave Kris managed to pull off the look. However, netizens laughed and said, “When you are handsome, you will try to spoof yourself.”

Although some netizens thought Kris’ fresh cut is not trendy enough, they joked, “It’s different for people who are naturally handsome,” and “He is messing around because he has good looks.” On the other hand, fans expressed satisfaction with their idol’s new style.

At the event, Kris complemented his thick and tidy bangs with big thin-frame glasses. Donning a black suit, he looked like a scholar – specifically a “Japanese male college student.” Looking a few years younger, Kris seemed proud of his current hairstyle, as he looked into the camera with confidence.

Fans left messages like, “Still handsome, a God is a God” and “My mother! A handsome student!”

Others said he resembled a “handsome Japanese guy,” and some said, “He looks good with any hairstyle!”

Source: EtToday


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