5 Facts About Channing Tatum’s New Superhero “The Maxx”

5 Facts About Channing Tatum’s New Superhero “The Maxx”

No news yet for the solo X-men spinoff, “Gambit”, which is being trapped in development hell indefinitely. The movie was supposed to be Channing Tatum’s introduction to the comic book world but after several years of waiting he seems to have put this behind him.

In comes “The Maxx”, a cult comic book series that will be introduced to the screen by Tatum and Roy Lee. Despite this, not much is really known about the purple giant character. In order to remedy that, here are 5 facts we found out about the series.

1. Who is The Maxx? 

Source: VS Battles Wiki

“The series follows the story of The Maxx, a homeless man who believes he is a superhero. The Maxx shifts between the real world and a dream world, which he refers to as The Outback, which is just as real to him as the real world. His only friend is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker. Little does she know that she and The Maxx have a deeper connection, and it involves the dream world into which The Maxx is constantly drawn”

2. Not Marvel nor DC

Source: Comic Book

Often times when we hear about the comic book world, we will think of either Marvel or DC. That is quite unfortunate because there are a lot of hidden gems in other smaller publishers, like Image Comics. They have released tons of great comic series like “Spawn” and the one we’re talking right now. That being said, it would be nice if more publishers get recognise besides the big two.

3. Original run

Source: Deadline

The original “The Maxx” comic was a product of the 90s, with its original run ended in 1998 after releasing 35 issues. The writer is Sam Kieth, who had a wealth of experience working for Marvel and DC before going to Image.

4. Teaming up with Batman

Source: IDW Publishing

Writer Sam Kieth returned to the series in 2018, for a crossover with DC icon Batman. The mini-series was done in celebration of the 25th anniversary for the cult character creation and it featured “Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams”.

5. Animated series

Even though the new rendition would be pretty interesting to watch, it will not be the series’ first adaptation, as it was previously picked up by MTV for a 13-episode animated series back in 1995.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter. Featured Image: JoBlo.


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