Christmas Presents Give Linda Chung a Headache

Christmas Presents Give Linda Chung a Headache

Artiste Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) specially made the trip from Vancouver to Macau to attend Longines’ Christmas event today. Though she hasn’t been to Macau in four years because she’s been busy being a full-time mom, Linda expressed, “I’m so happy that I can be here today to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and see a lot of good friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time because I may be in Vancouver during Christmas.”

She added she loves Christmas, but this holiday is also headache-inducing. She explained, “I have to buy presents, and my husband’s birthday is on December 27, two days after Christmas, so I have to buy a really thoughtful gift because it’s for both Christmas and his birthday. These two days have their own meanings, so [the gift] must be meaningful, big, and beautiful.”

Since her husband has a penchant for collecting watches and cars, she is thinking of gifting him a watch this year. Linda said, “It’ll be like his wife is always with him.”

As for the rest of her family, Linda will buy their gifts while in Macau to maintain the mystery of the gifts. She also said she would like to bring her two kids to visit the city next time.

The actress revealed she enjoys visiting Vancouver’s large outdoor market during the holidays while drinking hot chocolate and feeling the cold air on her face. At the same time, she can enjoy the warmth of being with her family.

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