Godfrey Gao Dies At 35 After Collapsing On Game Show; His Last Words Were Reportedly ‘I Can’t Go On’

Godfrey Gao Dies At 35 After Collapsing On Game Show; His Last Words Were Reportedly ‘I Can’t Go On’

Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao passed away this morning (Nov 27) from a heart attack while filming Chinese variety show Chase Me in China. The 35-year-old was doing a running challenge in the competitive sports programme when he reportedly collapsed while repeating that he can’t go on.

According to Chinese news reports, Godfrey’s heart stopped and he was resuscitated after a staff member performed CPR on him for 15 minutes. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors failed to save him.

Netizens on Weibo floated rumours that an exhausted Godfrey was still on set at 1.45am. He had repeatedly said I can’t go on anymore while running on the show, which requires celeb participants to complete gruelling physical challenges. When Godfrey collapsed, production staff apparently did not immediately rush to his aid, thinking he was hamming it up for the camera. A Weibo user also claimed that paramedics tried to resuscitate him for half an hour before finally sending him to the hospital at around 2:30am.

Leaked photos from netizens revealed Taiwanese singer and Farenheit boyband member Calvin Chen, who was also on the show, praying for Godfrey with clasped hands. A netizen posted a status update saying that Godfrey’s condition is dire before announcing two hours later that the star was gone due to a sudden death .

Our dear Godfrey Gao suddenly collapsed during the recording of a show on the morning of November 27. After nearly three hours of emergency treatment, he unfortunately left us, We’re shocked, saddened, and unable to accept this news! Thank you to our media friends and Godfrey’s fans, as well as the production team who was with him. His family has rushed to his side. Please understand that Godfrey’s family is grieving and avoid interrupting them. We will handle related matters with his family privately. Thank you.

During the recording of the ninth episode of Chase Me on November 27, our guest star Godfrey was running when he suddenly collapsed, and medical staff at the scene immediately gave emergency treatment and rushed him to the hospital. After over two hours of rescue, the hospital announced Godfrey’s sudden death from a cardiac arrest. We are distressed and devastated! Following the incident, our production team and agent have been by his side watching over him, and we are working with his family to handle his funeral matters.


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