Lee Seung Gi Stunned By Fans’ Request For Vagabond Season 3

Lee Seung Gi Stunned By Fans’ Request For Vagabond Season 3

Lee Seung Gi (이승기) made his last and final pitstop for his “Vagabond Voyage” tour in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend.

During his Malaysian fan-meeting, the event was divided into 3 segments, 1 of which was “Big Data: Update Talk” where host Owen Yap asked him about his experience filming the Netflix hit series “Vagabond”.

During the candid session, the 32-year-old actor recalled that his favourite experience were the action and fighting scenes – particularly those that took place in Morocco. Yep, those James Bond-esque stunts which he mostly executed on his own. Filming was long and tedious (injuries and all) but the end result was well worth the sweat and tears.

Of course, the topic of a 2nd season came up. “Do you want season 2? It was very meaningful and satisfactory work for me. I’ll be very happy if there is 2nd season. At the time being, nothing has been decided yet. So, please stay tuned,” Seung Gi assured the crowd.

Not satisfied with the generic answer, a fan in the audience shouted for a “Vagabond” season 3. Surprised, Seung Gi responded that there might not be enough storyline unless his character Cha Dal-gun has a brother to join in on the drama series. Is that hint?

Additionally, Seung Gi coudln’t help but blush when the clip of Cha Dal-gun and Go Hae-ri (played by Bae Suzy)’s intimate moments were played on the big screen. The screams reached its loudest when the shirtless scene of Seung Gi was shown.

Get an eyeful of his nudity here:

When asked which is harder – kissing Suzy or getting injured from the action scenes, Seung Gi cited the former. Not only is it awkward locking lips with a co-star but 20 members of the crew are glued on the couple.

Did your hearts flutter during those smooching scenes? If the answer is yes, it means the actors did their job. Now if only production and the cast can sort out their schedule and start filming for “Vagabond” season 2.

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