Sharifah Amani Not Happy That People Are Linking Her With Zul Ariffin’s Case

Sharifah Amani Not Happy That People Are Linking Her With Zul Ariffin’s Case

Looks like Sharifah Amani is not pleased knowing that people have been linking her with the issue involving Zul Ariffin.

The viral video in question was used as meme. It showed the award-winning actress’ shocked reaction that was believed to be taken without her permission.

The clip was uploaded on Wednesday (11th December) along with the caption, “Me when I saw Zul Ariffin’s video.” At the time of writing (Friday, 13th December), the post has received over 7,200 retweets, and counting!

In response, the “Sepet” actress took to Twitter to point out her disappointment. “There’s a video of me reacting shocked circulating on Twitter,” she wrote, before adding, “That video was taken secretly without my permission. I guess things like this are okay now; capturing people’s video without permission & putting whatever caption you like and then post it on social media. Disappointing.”

“I’m okay with meeting people who sincerely enjoyed my work, and I am always grateful to people who approached me to take some photos or videos. However, these fake paparazzi’s attitudes are saddening. What does people do with getting that amount of retweets. What a pity,” she further added in another tweet that has been deleted.

Meanwhile, Malaysian actor Aqasha recently uploaded a video of himself addressing the issue involving Zul on his account. The “Embun” singer urged everyone to not jump into conclusion easily when one is not 100% certain of its validity.

“Achitung! People…beware of deepshit. Correction! It’s deepfake people! Only when you got deepfaked then you’re in deepshit,” Aqasha wrote on the caption. In the 2-minute and 15-second clip, he advised his celebrity friends to be very careful when it comes to communicating to people they’re not familiar with.

“We cannot read people’s minds. We do not know other people’s intentions. May God Almighty protect us from all these slanders,” Aqasha (full name Firdee Akassya Rosli) said in the clip.



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