BTS’ RM Stunned When Fan Put Sex On Hold To Watch His Live Video

BTS’ RM Stunned When Fan Put Sex On Hold To Watch His Live Video

BTS leader RM recently made an appearance in a V Live streaming session over the weekend, after a long while.

For the uninitiated, the 25-year-old – as well as the rest of the members – will commonly film themselves on the popular live video streaming app to greet his fans (widely known as ARMYs), as well as share their latest updates.

The comments were flooded with warm messages from ARMYs towards the rap artiste. But apparently, one particular fan’s comment managed to catch RM (real name Kim Namjoon)’s attention.

Based on the screenshot above, one user known as @blackiem_ commented, “I was f**king (with someone). But we stopped because you went live,” much to his surprise. Refusing to give further reaction, he then proceeded with saying hello to other fans instead.

During the same session, the Seoul-born K-pop idol also came out with a hilarious confession; where he spilled on his tendency to lose his things. According to RM, he just just lost another pair of expensive AirPods!

“Losing AirPods is a common thing for me. To all those ear plugs popping up on my phone, are you doing well? Since this is my 34th pair, that means I have owned 33 pairs before…” he shared in the clip.

Humoured by his own clumsiness, he ended up bursting with laughter. Many K-netizens were also amused by how careless RM can be when it comes to losing his belongings. To quote Allkpop, it seems like the superstar’s ability to “keep track of his belongings is not really his cup of tea”. 

For those who are interested, check out the full clip here:



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