Concert Review: Air Supply Brought Back The Magic Of Love In “The Lost In Love Experience”

Concert Review: Air Supply Brought Back The Magic Of Love In “The Lost In Love Experience”

It was raining quite heavily before the start of the concert, but that wasn’t enough to hinder fans from arriving a few hours early to the Arena Of Stars, at Resort World Genting. Going into the hall, the crowd was delightfully greeted by a selection of Christmas classics to celebrate the upcoming Christmas day.

The Christmas melodies were sung by a trio of talented singers from New York that provided a very homely feel to the arena, as audiences find their seats. They ended their performance for the night with the Christmas classic “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, before thanking the crowd once again for inviting them to perform at Resort World Genting.

Kicking off the Air Supply “Lost In Love Experience” concert, the soft rock duo got on stage at around 8:40 pm with their band as they opened with “Sweet Dreams” for their one-night only (15th December 2019) show. The song was sung perfectly by both Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock while featuring a heart pounding guitar solo by their lead guitarist Aaron McLain.

After a few songs, the duo continued on with one of their favourite piece, “Here I Am”, while also taking the time in between songs to thanks the organiser, crew and audiences for a wonderful show. In quoting Hitchcock, they described our local shores with “It’s always feel like home” whenever they return here.


Continuing on with “Chances”, Russell chipped in when he mentioned that this is the 8th time they’ve performed in Malaysia. He added that he and the band love it here, praising the food and the friendly people. This being their last show of the month, year and decade, he said that they couldn’t have chosen a better place than Genting.

The atmosphere at the arena was also very lively, with the crowd singing along to the song “Goodbye”. Moved by audiences’ participation, the 70-year-old singer pointed his microphone outward towards the crowd as he invited the crowd to end the song.

“I Adore You” was another crowd favourite when they started playing, as the song was fully composed by the British songwriter of the band. Coincidently, it was also the last song the duo sang before they went on their 4-minute break.

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西洋乐坛不老摇滚天团Air Supply再度登上云顶云星剧场开唱,即使已经来马开唱多次,仍吸引大批的歌迷朝圣,全场爆满。跨世代的歌迷们一起挥舞双手、全场大合唱,沉浸在他们经典的歌曲中如痴如醉,全场观众仿佛跌入时光隧道! 虽然年届七旬,主唱Russell Hitchcock及结他手Graham Russell仍然魄力十足,一登场就连续带来《Sweet Dreams》、《Even The Nights Are Better》、《Just As I Am》等等金曲,唤回全场观众不少的集体回忆。宝刀未老的两人中气十足,一唱起情歌就把现场炒热,用歌声印证经典是永恒的! #真传媒 #TruthMediaMY #娱乐圈 #AirSupply #空气补给 #唱响44年

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During the break, the 69-year-old stood alone on stage as he jokingly teased that he didn’t need it because Hitchcock sang all the difficult part. He then took the free time he had on stage to recite a poem that he wrote. The seasoned performer also recounted his earlier days when he was a child and took us down memory lane.

After that, the Nottingham-born musician played a sneak preview of their new song, “Son Of A Father”, while also sharing how that song came about. Sitting down, he also shared that being together for 45 years and having done 5100 shows together, have only strengthen their bond.

The two of them then recollected about their beginning on how they used to play in Pizza Parlour and Café bars before going big. They then got the show going again with “Two Less Lonely” as the cheers from the crowd got increasingly louder as the night progressed.

Source: Mega Star Arena

During one part, the pair surprised fans by making their way out from the stage and into the crowd as they sang “The One That You Love”. Those in attendance were ecstatic as they gathered up to take pictures with the singers. The singers, of course, were accompanied by a legion of security guards as they both made their way at each end of the stadium.

Upon returning on stage, they encouraged the crowd to sing the next song “Lost In Love” in acapella as they occasionally filled in the void. They then ended the night with their signature hit, “Making Love”, before the pair and their band members exited.

Source: Mega Star Arena

But wait, there was more.

The band came back on stage again at the request of the crowd, whom all screamed for an encore. They sang another of their legendary piece “Without You”, with “Shake It” being performed soon after, before officially ending the night with “All Out Of Love”.

Taking a bow, they once again thanked the staff and the crowd, as well as Resort World Genting for inviting them. Showing no signs of stopping, we sincerely hope to see them again in Malaysia in the near future, as we all could use a bit of that love.


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