Viu: Meet The 5 Main Characters From The Drama Series, “Black”

Viu: Meet The 5 Main Characters From The Drama Series, “Black”

Viu Malaysia is finally back with another original series called “Black”, adapted from the 2017 South Korean series of the same name.

If you’ve followed the original K-drama, the series chronicles a love story between the title character (a grim reaper who enters the human world) with a mortal woman (who has the ability to predict death).

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However, the Malaysian version of “Black” gets a local twist, specially crafted for the series. In this case, the series shows the portrayal of popular horror folklore bunian (supernatural being) to replace the concept of grim reaper.

According to the directors, Razaisyam Rashid and Kroll Azri, “Black” can be considered as an “interesting masterpiece which has never been made in Malaysia before this. That is one of the reasons we opt for the digital platforms instead of the mainstream. It combines the elements of comedy, crime, supernatural all in one drama series.”

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The synopsis of the fantasy-thriller series reads:

“‘Black’ tells the story of the titular bunian character (played by Kamal Adli) who is on a mission to track down his fugitive partner in the human world. To do so, Black inhabits the body of a deceased cop named Malik and assumes his identity in order to carry out his mission.

His life then intertwines with Sofia (Siti Saleha), a woman whose ability to foresee death becomes tha main key to his questions. As the story go, both of them become involved in a murder case that was remained unsolved for over 20 years that might link to their shared past.”

To get you all geared up, here are the main characters headlining this series:

1. Kamal Adli as Detective Malik/Black

Detektif Malik grew up and studied in England and worked as an accountant before returning back to join the Murder Investigation Unit of the Metropolitan Police Force. He often becomes the target of bullying among his colleagues for his lack of fighting skills as well as his naive appearance.

When Malik is reborn as Black, his personality becomes a total opposite of what he was known for. He becomes more sarcastic, straightforward, athletic, and (fun fact) also loves spicy food – a complete departure from Malik’s character.

2. Siti Saleha as Sofia

A feisty loner but with a soft heart, Sofia was gifted (or maybe cursed) with an ability to foresee death in a form of a shadow surrounding a human-being. The only option to avoid this is by covering her eyes with a pair of sunglasses.

Sofia had a close relationship with her father, Farid, who is estranged with her mother, Maria. As the series uncover, she learns the truth that he was killed. As a result, she embarks on a journey to find the killer.

3. Nabila Huda as Dr. Aisya

Aisya is an E.R (emergency room) doctor with a dark past no one knows about. Born by the name Karina Hani, she moved to the city with her friend Nurul Najwa (Wawa) in an attempt to run away from her tragic past.

She is portrayed as the girlfriend of Detective Malik in the earlier part of the series. She has grown to be attached with Malik. We soon learn that she is afraid that if her secrets are revealed, her life might be in jeopardy.

4. Khir Rahman as Detective Borhan

Notable for his short-tempered personality, Detective Borhan is also highly praised for his undying dedication to his career as a police officer. He is struggling to quit smoking, which plays a major part to his on-edge characteristic.

5. Zoey Rahman as Lokman

Lokman is the son of wealthy businessman Nazir’s second wife who works as a maid. He tries hard to prove to everyone that he is worthy of being the heir to his father’s company, despite his lowly origins.

Supporting casts: 

  • Azman Hassan as Technical advisor 1 / 007
  • Juzzthin as Technical advisor 2 / 416
  • Rashidi Ishak as 444
  • Pablo Amirul as Middle finger man
  • Zahim Albakri as Hook scared man
  • Aleza Shadan as Dr. Rozanna
  • Josiah Hogan as Leo the vocal king
  • Riz Amin as Rahman, elder brother of Lokman

Check out the official poster as well as the trailer below:

Viu original series “Black” is available for streaming starting from Tuesday (17th December) with a total of 8 episodes.


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