5 Actors Signed to Shaw Brothers to Look Out for

5 Actors Signed to Shaw Brothers to Look Out for

Hopping on the trend of survival reality TV shows in both South Korea and Mainland China, ViuTV’s large-scale talent show Good Night Show – King Maker <全民造星> provides opportunities for potential stars to foster and showcase their talent. The show is well-received by the public and triggering viewers’ desires to chase idols, as online discussion forums are jam-packed with fan comments about the show’s most eye-catching contestants. Aside from singers in the making at ViuTV, it looks like there will be a group of fresh young actors making their mark on the big screen soon! Shaw Brothers is aiming to shake the discussion forums with its group of five young actors – all are well-built and ready to impress.

1. Sammy Sum (沈震軒)

Sammy is perhaps the most well-known of the group. A well-rounded artist with singing and acting experience in film and television, he recently signed with Shaw Brothers. Executive director Virginia Lok (樂易玲) expressed that the newly signed actors don’t all necessarily have to be big and muscular, but surely, they have to be trainable for the big screen – and good looking. Since leaving TVB in 2016, Sammy has been working out more often and making an effort to brush up on his singing and acting skills.

2. Kyle Lee (李爾晨)

Aside from Sammy, the rest of the group are comprised of new faces, who are naturally gaining attention for their good looks, potential, and fit and muscular figure. Kyle is a model and a Hong Kong volleyball player. In 2016, he represented Hong Kong to compete in the male beauty pageant, Mister International <國際先生>. Following his participation, he received offers to join TV shows, stage shows, and films.

3. Jeremy Wong (黃俊豪)

Also a model, Jeremy is well-known for previously dating casino heiress Laurinda Ho (何超蓮). He participated in a web drama and a variety show in Malaysia this year.

4. Hiroki Wong (王志康)

Hiroki not only participated in the first season of Good Night Show – King Maker, but he is also the host of TVB’s Entertainment News <娛樂新聞台>. A graduate of Tokyo International University, Hiroki is well-versed in Japanese culture and often writes articles on his traveling experiences. He also touts himself as an influencer on Instagram with almost 20,000 followers.

5. Keefe Ng (吳卓衡)

The 22-year-old is signed under both TVB and Shaw Brothers. Viewers might’ve seen him on Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞> and The Man Who Kills Troubles <解決師>.

Source: HK01

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