Watch My Chemical Romance’s Full Reunion Concert

Watch My Chemical Romance’s Full Reunion Concert

The iconic rock band, My Chemical Romance, has been making waves in the music industry lately with the announcement of their reunion tour, 6 years after their split.

Last night (22nd December 2019) was the “Welcome To The Black Parade” singers’ first performance on stage as a group since 2012. The show was held in front of a sold out crowd at The Shrine in Los Angeles, USA.

Being the signature emo band of the early 2000s has garnered them a giant international fan-base. Unfortunately, many were unable to visit the band’s return show, due to the location of the venue and the fact that the tickets were already sold out within minutes of its launched.

As unfortunate as the missed opportunity was, many of those that were in attendance have graciously took it upon themselves to record the historic event. The videos were uploaded on video-sharing sites such as YouTube, so that many people like us, who weren’t able to attend the concert, can catch a glimpse of what the show was like.

Check out some of the videos below:

Following the immense success of their LA show’s tickets being sold out within minutes, the band decided to do 3 more shows, this time, on the international stage. The shows will be held in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, all of these are slated for March 2020.

Going back to the LA concert, if curious about how the show went, then checked out the entire concert at the video below:

Source: Pitchfork. Featured Image: Rock Sound.


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