Did Zhang Ziyi Just Accidentally Reveal Her Baby’s Gender?

Did Zhang Ziyi Just Accidentally Reveal Her Baby’s Gender?

After Zhang Ziyi announced her pregnancy by showing up at the 2019 Tokyo International Film Festival in October with a baby bump, fans have been guessing if the 40-year-old star is expecting a boy or a girl.


Over the weekend (Dec 27), Zhang Ziyi hinted at her baby’s gender in a reply to one of the Weibo posts on husband Wang Feng’s account. The 48-year-old Chinese rocker was wishing their daughter Xing Xing a happy 4th birthday.


“Dearest Xing Xing, these words written on the beach is a gift for your fourth birthday from Mum and me, Wang Feng wrote. We believe that this is a very special, sincere and priceless gift. One day, when you look back at these photos, we hope that you’ll like it and understand the simple love and wishes given to you by Mum and Dad. May you be happy and beautiful. Happy birthday, Xing Xing!”

In response, Ziyi left a comment: “Xing Xing wishes for a ____, can you guess?”


Zhang Ziyi had previously mentioned that Xing Xing wanted a younger brother and that her husband wishes for a son (he already has two daughters from previous marriages), many excited fans immediately guessed that Ziyi might just be having a boy.

“A brother!” a netizen replied. “Since Xing Xing has a sister, she definitely wants a brother!”

“Ziyi’s definitely having a boy, just admit it!” another replied.

ZZY is due to give birth in the next few weeks, so we’ll know for sure soon.


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