How Nancy Wu Keeps Her Killer Bod in Shape

How Nancy Wu Keeps Her Killer Bod in Shape


Two-time TV Queen Nancy Wu (胡定欣) is not only known for her acting abilities, but also for her killer body.

After spending a fantastic week in the Maldives with her close friends in the Nonsense Club, the girls decided to share a series of memorable photoshoots that they took together while on the islands. A few days ago, Paisley Wu (胡蓓蔚) shared a group photos of the girls wearing bikinis, and Nancy immediately took the spotlight with her fit figure and tight abs.

But how to obtain such an athletic shape? The secret is actually very simple.

An extremely active person, Nancy enjoys spending her free time doing sports and exercise. She keeps her fans up-to-date with her workout regiment, even sharing that she had to go on a fierce diet to obtain the abs for her Maldives trip.

“For the photo I had to train and give up carbs!” she said on social media. “Now that vacation is over I have to continue with my training. I need to call all those muscles back! Let’s work hard everyone!”

Nancy consistently goes to the gym, runs, hikes and boxes. During the summer, she would spend more time outdoors doing water sports. She enjoys exploring different types of sports as that would help her achieve a more well-rounded body, so every muscle would receive the proper strengthening treatment. She consistently participates in hardcore training and TRX to train her arms. She has also participated in marathons to train her endurance.

But exercise is only half of the formula. Having a balanced diet is just as important to maintain shape. Rather than do fad diets, she would have balanced meals, and would reward herself every once in a while after a day of hard work at the gym.










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