Zhao Liying Surprises Fans By Visiting Her Super Topic

Zhao Liying Surprises Fans By Visiting Her Super Topic


While her fans are probably feeling restless waiting for her comeback drama Legend of Fei, the beautiful momma Zhao Liying surprised them yesterday when she made an out of the blue appearance on her own Weibo’s super topic feature to chat with them.
To those of you who may not know, it’s akin to the subreddit of Reddit. Once you click on it, it’ll take you to another page where various users interact about a topic, kinda like a forum. Zhao Liying posted three random things before making her exit. She dropped in with a photo of a cat in shades to announce her arrival. The next photo shows the actress with an inflamed eye and her last was a photo to say goodbye. While Zhao Liying apologized for the condition of her eye, fans were worried about her and advised her to take a rest. They expressed their gratitude to the actress that despite her not feeling well, she still managed to interact with them.
Zhao Liying: I’ve come!


Zhao Liying: Eye’s inflamed, sorry everyone! Please be understanding.


Zhao Liying: I’ll come back to play next time.


Wow, it’s not all the time that your favorite celeb will take some time off their busy schedules just to drop by and say hello, right? Those small acts of kindness to fans are priceless. And might I just add that despite the inflammation, she still looks pretty.
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