Daniel Wu Gets Out of Shape After Illness

Daniel Wu Gets Out of Shape After Illness


Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) has always enjoyed fitness and training at the gym. But after a near-death experience this March suffering from intestinal cecum inflammation, Daniel wasn’t able to exercise. He lost a lot of muscle definition and his body got out of shape.

His body has become visibly flabbier, as shown in photos he shared on Instagram. In the first photo which was taken in January, Daniel’s abs and body were fit from working out. In the second photo, Daniel was a lot skinnier and there was a bandage covering his wound. In March, Daniel was hospitalized and needed an emergency operation after being diagnosed with cecum inflammation. He had to stay in the hospital for over a week and was not allowed to eat solids. He lost over 18 pounds and wasn’t allowed to work out for six weeks.

“This is a big wake-up call and now I realize not to take my health for granted. In 2020, I hope that everyone will focus on health because without it, you have nothing,” the 45-year-old actor vows to take better care of himself.

Source: HK01


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